Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More of Baby Rowan

We are having so much fun here in Arizona with the Porters! Baby Rowan is just so sweet and cute and tiny!! Sarah and Trent are such good sports for letting us invade their home and steal their baby all the time!! :) He's just so fun to snuggle!!! Grayson doesn't quite know what to think about him -- he gets a little worried when Ro cries -- but I think he's warming up to him! He was brave and got close enough to peek at him today, and even patted him very softly on the arm. SO cute!!! They're gonna be best buds soon here!!! :D Here are some more pics for you all to OO and AHH over :D

Nana and her newest grandson!!
Look at that teeny tiny little hand! Holding Poppa's finger! So sweet!
The proud grandparents!
The proud grandparents and both of their grandsons!!!
Peeking at and patting his cousin!! :D
Look at those lips!!
Snuggling with his daddy.
All snuggled up!!
How cute is he?! This is the outfit Gray came home from the hospital in -- he was very gracious to lend it to Rowan :) Rowan fits in it better -- it's a preemie outfit, so the little guy fits so nicely in it!! Oh, I just love this little guy!!


April said...

Oh he's so cute, I think he looks like Sarah yet I can see Trent too. Oh I am so jealous you are there to see him. Give him and Sarah squeezes from me.

Sarah said...

Oh he's so adorable! I'm glad you posted more pictures of him! I can't wait to meet him!!

Amy said...

He really is so darling! I lvoe his lips! He is so mini and cute and I just want to hold him! that will be fun for the boys to have eachother! Tell Sarah not to run for a while, even though she probably has a marathon scheduled for next week crazy woman! I hope she is doing well and she probably loves having you guys there so she can sleep!!!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to hold him, he is just so cute!! It's fun that you guys can be there to help her and share this time with them. Give them my love.

Jennifer said...

Tell your sister I love the name they picked out.

Steve said...

He definitely is cute... But I like mine better.