Sunday, May 31, 2009


Look at those sad eyes! Don't they just break your heart?!

Poor little guy! Grayson tripped over the dog and smacked his brow bone into the corner of the windowsill. Ouch! These pics are even AFTER I had put ice on it! He's such a trouper, though -- he just needed some loves and kisses, and of course his elephant and his bebe (binki), and then he was running and bouncing all over the place in no time -- just like usual :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sweetest Daddy

Look how sweet my husband is!! He reads Grayson his bedtime story every night -- Gray loves it! They looked so sweet tonight that I had to take pictures :) I love you, Steve-o!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Fun Pics

Here are some fun pictures from this week! Thanks, Momma!!
My sister Sarah and her one-month-old baby Rowan came to visit this week! We had so much fun playing with them!!

Grayson was fascinated with Rowan! He would walk over to him, talk to him, and pat him on the head or feet! So sweet!

Eating yummy ice cream cones! Grayson's favorite treat in the world!! And it was Farr's ice cream -- so of course it was sooooooo very yummy!!

Then we visited Ama (my grandma) at her house! Ama has the best back yard! It has these huge boulders that are the best for climbing on! My cousins and I had many fun times on these rocks! I also had my bridal photos taken here. So it's fun to see my boy enjoying them, too!

Ama and two of her great grandkids! And two of her grandkids, too :)

Another great part of Ama's house -- the porch swing! Gray LOVED it!

Here are some funny pictures of me snuggling with Rowan! Isn't he so sweet?! He liked snuggling with me -- must be those big, soft pillows he's lying on ;) hehehe

This was Gray at Sunday dinner -- he was done with letting me feed him pieces of the chicken -- he wanted the whole piece! So we gave him the chicken on a fork, and he just bit off huge chunks to eat! He was so happy! Such a funny guy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long Post....Sorry

Ok, lots of pictures for you to look at :)

These are some pics I took when I let him feed himself pasta! Of course, he got it ALL over -- it's kind of hard to see in little pictures, but trust me -- it was EVERYWHERE!! He also kept putting his sippy cup in the pasta bowl -- what's that about?! :) He's such a silly boy!

These are some pics Steve took while Gray was watching Baby Signing time. He'd just woken up (hence the bed-head), but we plunked him down in front of the TV because we were hurrying to get ready for church. And he L O V E S Baby Signing Time! It just mesmerizes him! It's so funny to watch him. He gets so focused and just has to take everything in. He's picked up a lot of signs, which is so fun -- but mostly he likes watching the babies :) It's pretty much the only thing that he'll actually sit still for! :)
(This is him signing "Water")
(This is the look he gets while he's watching it! He looks like this most of the time)

These are some more 'playing outside' pictures! He's just so funny when he's outside -- he loves every second! And he gets so focused. Silly guy. Oh, and it shows off his haircut that Steve gave him! It's very very short, but it's summer, right? Boys are supposed to have buzz cuts! :) But it's still cute. It just looks SO BLONDE! Almost WHITE! Crazy crazy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hiding Green Beans

I just had to share this story real quick: We just ate lunch, and part of that lunch was green beans. Gray usually likes green beans, but I guess not today. I wasn't watching him too closely (I was eating, too, and also reading the conference talks in the Ensign). When I DID look at him, I noticed him stealthily sliding a green bean under his sippy cup verrrry slowly. There was a small mountain of them under there, and the cup was balanced precariously on top! What?! He's never hidden food before! He always just throws it to Ollie!! I guess he thought I'd make him eat more of them if I saw him throwing them. I thought it was hilarious, especially when he noticed that I had seen him hide the bean -- he froze right where he was and got the most adorable guilty look on his face! Oh my goodness -- have I ever told you how much I LOVE this little guy?! (I wish I had gotten a picture, but sorry, I didn't! You'll all just have to imagine it!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gray and the Broom: Part II

My dad is sucha good Poppa!! He heard how much Grayson loved the big broom, and how I wanted a smaller one. So he went out to look for one -- but like me, he couldn't find one! So he bought a regular broom, sawed off the end and put a cap on the end, so it was Gray's size!! How cute is that!? And Gray LOVES it!! He carries it all over and pushes his toys all around. And I love that he doesn't knock things over! :)

(Just a side note -- notice the one bare foot -- he took off one shoe and walked around like that for a few hours -- he wouldn't let me put the other one on, OR take the one off!!! Silly boy)

I had to put this picture in, even though there's a shadow over the side of his face -- look at those gorgeous eyes!!! :D

And look at that face! He was mad because I wouldn't give him the camera.

THEN, Grayson found the big broom. And he was no longer content with the little broom. He wanted both!!! I have since hidden the big broom in a different closet, so he doesn't know where it is -- so he's content again with his little broom now. But these pictures crack me up!!

Thanks, Dad! We love you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cabin Fun!

Tyson and Jacque invited us up to Tyson's family's cabin on Saturday! It was so fun! We hung out, relaxed, watched movies, ate yummy food, ate lots of junk food, and had an all-around good time! :) Thanks guys, for letting us come up with ya!

Sitting on Tyson's head! I love Grayson's face -- like "No big deal."

My cute boys!

Look at that view! Gorgeous! Also, look at my dork husband taking a picture of Jacque's dork husband taking a picture!!! Hehe! And that's Jason and Lindi in the background -- more friends that came up there, too! Fun people! :)

More of the gorgeous view!

...And more!

... And MORE! Such a pretty place!

Tyson and his cute baby Jackson -- and Gray hangin in there, too.

More of Tyson and Jackson

Jacque, Grayson, me, and Tyson all marveling at Jackson's cuteness! Gray was quite enthralled with him! I think he doesn't know what to do with someone smaller than him! He gave him some very soft pats, though, and was very sweet! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Love Story... Gray and the Broom

Grayson has decided that the broom is the best toy in the house (besides his elephant - that's still #1). I had to take pictures to document his fascination. He RUNS when he hears me open the cupboard where we keep it, and if I close the door without giving him the broom, he FREAKS out!! It's obviously too big for him to carry everywhere with him, but he does his darndest to carry it where he can. He loves to sweep his toys around the floor with it. He also sometimes uses it like a bo staff -- that thing can be a weapon! He's whacked me good a few times!! I keep worrying that he's going to hit my guitar or the grandfather clock with it -- hasn't yet, but it's bound to happen. So anyone know where I can get a short-handled broom? I've looked a few places, and the only ones I've found are like $20 -- no thank you! Anyway, here are some of the funny pics!

This is what happened when I tried to swap the broom for the little hand-sweeper thingy. I thought they'd be close enough that he wouldn't care. Nope.