Sunday, May 30, 2010


Harmony was trying to get Grayson to answer the question "What do pandas say?" today, and he was too busy running around to answer her. So I decided to video him answering it. Here it is: (you may have to turn up your speaker volume for these -- he's kind of quiet)

"Gray, what does a panda say?" "Skidoosh! Skidoosh!"

And just because I LOVE his answer to this question, I had to post it, too:

"Gray, what does Momma say?" "I love you!"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Boy and His IPad

Steve got an iPad for his birthday, and he loves it -- carries it around everywhere with him. Grayson loves it, too. They have done away with their usual bed-time routine of reading books together -- they now look at pictures of animals and cars on Steve's iPad. Grayson will say an animal, and Steve googles it -- then Gray taps on the picture he wants to see with his little finger -- he LOVES that he has control of it. I had to take pictures to document the cuteness. Something tells me this little one is going to be a techie-geek like his daddy :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Nurse's Week!

To all my fellow nurse friends!! Especially my postpartum nurse friends :) -- here is a cake (yes, it really is a cake) that you will enjoy.

You're welcome.

(photo taken from Cake Wrecks)

(seriously, did they really need to add stretch marks???? hahahahaha!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Does a Panda Say?

Gray LOVES animals, and animal sounds. To keep him entertained during diaper changes, waiting in lines, etc., we often play the animal sounds game. I ask him what the animal says, and he tells me -- pretty simple. Sometimes, I say an animal that he doesn't know the sound to, and he promptly makes up an answer. Past answers have included giraffes say "raff", hippos say "HIP-po!", and zebras say "bra-bra" Here's the made-up answer of the day:

Mom: What does a panda say?
Gray: .... (thinks about it a second, then with a big smile:) "Skidoosh!!!!"

Thank you, Kung Fu Panda.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Random Post

I don't really have anything blog-worthy to write about. We haven't done anything particularly extraordinary lately. (Although Harmony DID ask me today if I was having much sex lately. In front of my mother-in-law's whole family. That was pretty darn funny [and a slip of the tongue, might I add -- supposed to be "much success lately"]). Anyway, here are some random pictures I've taken lately:

Here are my beautiful trees in our front yard. They only bloom for about a day and a 1/2, so I try to enjoy them fully while they do!

This is the view out my back door -- gorgeous, no?! :D

Here is Gray playing with some of my crocheted toys -- he loves the dogs :)

And here is my cutest dog Oliver! Isn't he so regal?! :)

Hehe -- some day, Gray will LOVE that I posted this pic on the internet! (bwa ha ha haaaa)! The other night, he squirmed out of my arms as soon as I got him out of the bathtub, ran to his room, and immediately tried to climb into his crib -- saying "nigh-night! nigh-night!" the whole time! Guess he was tired....

Well, I hope that was enough randomness for now :)