Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Silly Boy!

Ok, now that I hooked you with incredibly adorable pictures of my boy, I now have to tell you about our day!! :) Grayson and I have had such a busy day, and it has been so fun! Here is what Gray did today:
1) After reading about 25 books this morning after breakfast (this is one side effect of having a bookcase that he can pull the books out of -- he just keeps going back for more and more books. Boy loves his books), I finally told him we were "all done!" and started singing the "clean-up" song, as I always do, while I put away the books. Gray started "singing" along with me, and picked up some books and carried them over to his bookcase and tried to put them back himself! This is the first time he's ever helped me clean up, and he did it all by himself! I was so excited, and praised him profusely :) It was a proud momma moment for me :)

2)I gave Grayson some sugar snap peas to eat for lunch. He bit into one, looked inside, and saw the peas. His eyes got wide, his mouth a big "O", then he looks at me and he says, in this quiet, awed voice: "Ball!" It was priceless!!! From then on, he bit off the ends, pulled each pea out individually, declared them as "ball"s, then ate them with delight :) He'd put four or five peas in his mouth at a time, but he'd have to pick them up one by one and call it a ball before he put it in his mouth.

3) I was doing the dishes, when I noticed that Gray was in the front room, and was being too quiet. So I peek in on him, and notice him reaching into my jade plant pot, and pulling his beloved elephant out. So now my curiosity is peaked, and I go over and look in the pot. And I find: a cheerio, a Thin Mint, a baby shoe, one of my shoes, a finger puppet, a chapstick, a pen, and a block. Good thing I saw him retrieve his elephant, or I probably wouldn't have found all his treasures for a few more days! :)

4) Whenever Gray and I have gone out to play outside, I've always brought a blanket to sit on. And for some reason, Gray has always thought that he couldn't go off the blanket. Even when he'd throw his ball off the blanket, he wouldn't go off it. He'd crawl as close to the edge of the blanket as possible, and stretch as far as he could to get the ball. So funny! But today, he accidentally learned he could go off the blanket. He was walking around on the blanket, and lost his footing a bit, and stumbled. He regained his balance, only to find that he was standing completely on the grass -- not on the blanket! His eyes got wide, and he just stood there for a minute, like he was waiting to see if anything would happen. Then all the sudden, he just got the biggest grin on his face, and started toddler-running all around the yard. Sometimes he would bend down, swipe his hands across the grass, and just giggle, then start running again. Then he figured out that he could now chase the dog around the yard, and did so for a good 1/2 hr, giggling madly the whole time. So fun!

5) I cleaned Grayson's room today, and part of the cleaning was that I had to sweep the floor. He was fascinated with the broom, and watching me sweep! So while I was making dinner, I gave him the broom to play with to keep him busy. He got it turned broom-side down, and immediately started sweeping the kitchen floor! I'm thinking it's time to put him to work! He did a good job :)

I just love how every day brings new adventures and excitement! I love watching him discover! He never fails to entertain me!! :)


Katie said...

What a cute boy!!! That was fun to read about all the things he's learning. Isn't it so funny how they think they can't go on the grass?? Reagan did the same thing, and Rockwell is scared of it now. It's quite funny actually! But it's really nice to go outside, put down a blaket, and have him stay in one spot for a second.

Jennifer said...

Too much fun!

Ty and Ber said...

It is truely an amazing thing watching kids as they learn and explore. I love the story about the peas. What a silly goose!

anne said...

oh I loved reading the "Gray Adventures" - it is so very entertaining and almost mesmerizing to watch littles ones in such awe of all their discoveries ! Love him ! he is such a bright and delightful part of our lives !

Tyson. Jacque. Jackson. Mason said...

what a cute little guy you have! I hope Jackson will love cleaning as much as Grayson!

Sarah and Trent said...

hahahaaa!!! We're just laughing right out loud. What a fun fun boy that Grayson is. I love the good times you have. I loved watching him have such a blast with the bubbles!! In the comments on my blog by the way-- from Brooke, she says How cute is Grayson?!?! She says we make some cute babies in our family. :)

Camille said...

These stories are so priceless. Keep writing them down, because one day you will forget and they need to be remembered!!! I love how everything is so new and exciting!!!