Monday, April 27, 2009

Marty Monkey Graybee

Hey! One of my Graybee's was just featured on the site !! How fun!! :D


anne said...

I just want all of them ~ that is awesome you were a "feature" ! how's the business going ? I can't imagine everyone wouldn't just love em

Amy said...

Can i request a special order? Do you think you could design a bug? I really love your stuff, but I call Boen my bugga bug! If you can't then, i want the monkey, but toy with it and let me know what you think! Thanks, you are talented!

April said...

He is so Dang cute! I love that you got on that website too. Just be patient with etsy, its super slow. You ahve to add something almost everday in order to sell. Ksl is good, ebay and advertising with cute baby blogs. There are a few on the side of my family blog that you can email and ask if you can do a giveaway or a special or just have them feature you. I love them.