Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updates on baby Gray

I keep forgetting to post updates on Grayson -- so here we go! I also posted about Thanksgiving today, so check out those pics, too. Well, Gray is 9 months old now -- wow how time flies when you're having fun with an adorable little tyke! He is 21 1/2 lbs, 30 inches -- big boy! He's so tall now -- lengthening out -- so he doesn't look as chubby anymore -- he looks more like a little boy now!! His eyes are absolutely gorgeous -- click on the picture above to make it bigger and see for yourself!!! He's such a happy little guy -- he smiles and laughs all the time! And he's so very busy all the time -- doesn't ever sit still very long. He crawls very fast now -- one second he's next to you, then turn around, and he's already across the room! Of course, this also means that he is getting into everything, too! He pulls himself up and 'cruises' around the furniture. He can stand up by himself without holding on to anything for a few seconds -- and he thinks he's so tough when he does -- he puffs out his chest and grunts - 'uuoff!!' Such a silly boy! He's also climbing up stairs -- also very fast -- and is currently working on how to get back down the stairs! His hair is still very very blonde, and is getting long now -- I had to trim the sides already! He's eating lots of solid food now, and even some finger foods already! He drinks pretty well from his sippy cup, too. He says 'mama' and 'dada' very clearly now, and babbles all the time. He even 'sings' sometimes -- when someone is singing, when he hears songs on the ipod, when we play the piano or guitar, or sometimes he just starts singing by himself. It's adorable! I don't think I've known any 9 month-olds that sing! He is just the sweetest little guy ever, and he is the light of my life. I just can't believe how much more I love him every single day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

My masterpiece! I made cranberry pie from scratch -- even strained the cranberries! It took me about 3 hours to make it! Whoa! But it was soooo tasty! Kind of like a cranberry version of key lime pie (which is my favorite). It just may be my new Thanksgiving tradition! I think it's too much work to do it more than once a year :)

Riding on Poppa's shoulders (and pulling his hair! How fun!) My dad is such a good sport!

The boys -- don't they all look so happy?!

The mandatory 'olive on the finger' picture! :) He's gonna be just like his momma!

Grayson's first Thanksgiving dinner -- 'sweet potatoes and turkey'! Yum! He loved it!

Our little thankful family! We are so thankful for all of you -- our wonderful family and friends! Oh, and Steve is apparently thankful for hippos....who knows why, but that's what he wrote on his 'I'm thankful for' paper! Good to know, I guess!! :) hehehe

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goodbye to all my "Princesses"

After 3 years, I have been released as the Young Women's president in my ward. I'm very much going to miss all my girls!! My new calling is Sunday school teacher -- I'm teaching the 16-17 year olds with Steve!! So I will still get to teach my laurels!! It's been so fun to be in the YW -- the girls in my ward are amazing, and my testimony has been strengthened by hearing theirs. I love you, girls! (this picture was at our 'princess party' -- hence the tiaras!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

7 Things Tag

Ok, first I had to show you this picture! Silly baby Gray climbed up on the bottom shelf of his changing table (all hunched up, as you can see), and proceeded to unravel a whole skein of yarn I had down there! Guess I will be moving things off that bottom shelf! Rookie mistake! :) What a stinker! Ok, now onto the tag -- thanks, Jess!

7 Things I Can Do:
1. type one-handed while holding/breastfeeding my child (pretty talented, huh!)
2. always make my baby smile
3. make to-die-for brownies!
4. play the piano (it didn't say 'things i can do really well'!)
5. go 48 hrs without sleep (I have proven this on quite a few occasions! though you wouldn't want to be around me when I do....)
6. sing (or I used to be able to.....)
7. awesome scrapbook pages.
(wow. I need to get some new talents)
7 Things I Can't Do:
1. not pick my baby up when he's crying. I just can't do it!
2. write in a straight line on a blank page. it has to have lines on it for me to write straight.
3. play video games -- I'm really really bad at them!
4. keep my house clean -- I try, but it's a losing battle
5. stay mad at Grayson, Ollie or Steve for more than a few seconds. they're just too darn cute!
6. not eat chocolate if it's in front of me
7. fly

7 Things I Always Say:
1. No, no, no, no, Grayson!
2. Oh my goodness, you're the cutest baby ever!
3. Don't put that in your mouth!
4. Momma's exhausted, Gray! Please go to sleep!
5. I love you soooo much! (to Grayson and Steve)
6. What a big boy!
7. Holy crap
(can you tell who I spend most of my time with?!)

7 Things I Always Eat :
1. choclate anything
2. peanuts
3. cereal
4. oreos!!
5. milk (does that count?)
6. pretzels/crackers/anything salty
7. granola bars

7 People I tag: Sarah, Bex, Hannah, Harmony, Kasey, Katie, Cassi, and my momma!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Halloween! (a little late! hehe)

Every year my mom dresses up as a witch! And she's awesome at it! She is know as the "witch on 27th street" and is quite famous in the neighborhood!! :) We had to bring Grayson over to meet the witch for the first time! And isn't he so cute in his giraffe costume?

Gotta love this picture! Love you, Momma!

Gray trying to eat the witch's nose! Hehe! Silly boy!

I thought Gray would cry when he saw my mom -- he's getting quite the stranger anxiety lately! But he knew who she was and went right to her!

Daddy and Gray in his glow-in-the-dark ghost shirt!

Momma and Gray in his "Baby's First Halloween" bib!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More fun family pics!

I got all the pictures from our photo shoot that Kandis did for us! These are some of my favorites! Isn't she wonderful?! Check out her blog HERE!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Photos!

My bestest friend Kandis took our first family pictures a few weeks ago! Here are some she posted on her blog! Don't you absolutely love that first pic of Gray?! Oh goodness he's cute!! :) Visit Kandis's blog, too, and check out how awesome she is! Her new photo business is called KJoPhotos and everyone should get their pictures taken by her :)! She is so talented! Thanks, Kandis Jo! I love ya!