Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Little Munchkin!!

(Gray hanging out with his Uncle JD in his sports car! Apparently my brother thinks Grayson will help him pick up chicks!;) hehe)

(Here he is talking! All the time! :)

My baby really isn't such a baby anymore :( It makes me sad! Grayson is 11 months old today! And he's getting so big!! I really can't call him my baby, cuz he's more of a toddler now. So I call him my Munchkin! He is such a sweet boy -- he loves to snuggle, and he gives me hugs and kisses now :) He say 'mama' (SOOO sweetly, too! It's my favorite!), 'dada', 'woof', 'up' (usually "uupppppppphhhh), 'babana' (banana), 'bebe' (binki), 'HEY' (usually when you leave him behind the baby gate and he wants to get out), 'hi', and 'bye' (that's the newest - today, actually!). He waves now, too -- so cute! He's getting pretty good at the walking thing -- he's still pretty shaky, but he can make it across a room without holding on to anything. He can even bend over, or squat down, then stand back up and keep going. And he can turn around (slowly) while standing, too! What a big boy!! He's still my little clingy monkey-boy -- likes to be stuck on my hip all day long - if I let him stay there! And if he's not on my hip, he is getting into everything --he figured out how to open the cupboards and loves to pull everything out -- or he's climbing on something -- his baby gate, the chairs, his changing table, the dog, etc... Whoever says boys aren't hardwired to be "boys" from birth is smoking something. He is 100% boy!!!!! And I'm loving every minute of it! I am SO happy that I get to stay home with him and see him explore and discover and make messes! I can't tell you how many times I've re-rolled the TP back onto the roll, or put all the pans and cookie sheets back under the counter, or mopped up the water he splashes ALL over the bathroom at bath time! But hearing his little squeals of excitement, and seeing him look up at me like "See what I can do, Mom?!" just makes it all worthwhile! I just can't believe how much more I love him every single day!! And how could I NOT, with a face like this?! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cute pic and a fun game

Here's the cute pic! Adorable baby!!!

And here's the fun game! :) Here's what you do (pretty simple!): just Google your name, followed by the word 'needs' -- aka: "Samantha needs" and post the top 10 results! It's quite funny! Here are my results!!

Samantha needs a new life cause you are all sucking the life out of this one
Samantha needs to take a leak pretty bad apparently
(How did they know........?!)
Sweet Sam needs a home
(Ahh, I'm sweet!!! How nice! But thanks, I have a home already!)
Does "Dancing With the Stars" really need Samantha Harris?
(HAHAHAHA! I totally agree -- she bugs!)
True, Sam just needs a little getting used to. Beauty, after all, is within
(Aww, I'm a sweet spirit!!)
Uncle Sam needs to go shopping. Not us
(Um. Ok....?!)
Samantha needs some hugs.
(Yes, please!)
Samantha needs to go live in her own castle.
(Ooo, I get a castle?!? Yayyy!!)
Sam needs a ‘doggie bag’(Ok. Sure)
Samantha needs and deserves a $3000 "hair prosthesis."
(Is my hair really THAT bad??!?!?)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cool photography!

This gal is such a good photographer! And she's giving away $100 worth of photo-fun!!! Check it out HERE!!!

Updates on baby Gray

Gray is getting so big! He is now 10 1/2 months old! Oh my goodness! He is 22 lbs, and 30.5 inches tall! He is really good at standing by himself, and he's already taken his first steps! He's not quite walking yet, but he can go so fast walking behind his lion walker toy! He loves that thing -- just laughs and giggles the whole time while he goes! He's close to walking though -- he just keeps trying and trying, so he'll get it soon, I'm sure! :) He goes up and down the stairs as much as he can -- that's a fun little game for him. He's such a little adventurer -- always getting into something new! :) He loves to feed himself -- though he makes quite a mess, as you can see! He enjoys it, though -- so I let him have fun! What's a little mess, when you get such big smiles and giggles out of it!! He's making good use of all his teeth -- he has his two bottom, his two top are 1/2-way in, and he's working on the incisors next to the top front teeth, too! His adorable smile is just going to get cuter and cuter! :) Grayson's new words include "ah-boo" (peek-a-boo), "bee-bee" (binki), "Babana" (banana), "WOOF!" (when he sees the dog, or hears him bark). He's starting to say "book" sometimes -- but mostly it just sounds like "uk" or "buhhh". He also says "HEY!" and "HI!"! He understands what "NO!" and "Come here!" mean, as well as "Where's Daddy?" and "Where's Momma?". Gray loves to sit with one leg in front of him, and one leg bent behind him (like the first picture) -- or he kneels down on one knee! Silly guy! He enjoys watching Sesame Street, and a free Fisher-Price DVD we got with one of his toys! His favorite games are peek-a-boo, horsey rides on my lap, riding on Daddy's or Poppa's shoulders, chasing the dog/trying to steal the dog's toys, and walking with his lion. He's getting to be such a BOY instead of a baby! It makes me a little sad, I have to say!! But it is SO fun to watch him grow, explore, and discover! :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

I was just thinking today about how differently this year is starting out -- compared to last year! Last year, I was pregnant, on bed rest, I was the YW president in my ward, and I was still technically working part-time at the hospital. THIS year, I am a momma :) -- I have a wonderful 10-month old. I quit my job. And Steve and I teach Sunday School together!! It's all a very, very different life!! I'm very very excited to start living it!! :) My resolutions for this year are:
1) Study the scriptures and say prayers every night with Steve.
2) Do at least one really fun, out of the ordinary activity with Grayson every day (such as the fun flour activity we did a while ago!)
3) Lose 25 lbs (at least) by the end of the year! part of that is to work out at least 15 minutes every day.
4) Keep the house clean!!!!!
5) Read the entire Book of Mormon by the end of the year.
We'll see how it goes :) Happy New Year!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


This is what one little girl drew in class when she was supposed to draw what she wanted to be when she grew up. The mom actually works at Home Depot, and this is supposed to be her selling a shovel! I laughed SO hard when I saw it!! Thought you all might enjoy it as well!!!