Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, amid all the new-baby-Rowan excitement, I haven't posted pictures of our Easter activities yet! Here are some (ok, a LOT) of the cutest ones! What fun times with out little Gray!

The Easter Bunny came!!!! Here are our Easter baskets, hiding behind the festive "Spring" sign.

first egg-dye experience. I thought my face in this pic was hilarious, so I had to post it! Gray immediately had to smash the egg into the table! We had quite a few cracked eggs...

He also tried to eat them --

-- decided it didn't taste very good --

-- tried AGAIN --

-- and decided it REALLY didn't taste very good!

What a silly boy!

Here are our fun eggs!

The "Grayson" egg -- just for him! And yes, it got VERY smashed.

Here are some pics of the actual egg finding! He was so excited to find the "balls" and tried to hold all of them -- he didn't want to put any of them down!

Look at that concentration!!

His favorite was the red one my mom made! He held on to that one the whole morning!

Smashing the egg on the table after finding it :)

Declaring he found another "ball"!

After he found each egg, he'd say "BALL!!" and hold it over his head! So cute!

Found another one!

Sitting with his stash of eggs and trying to eat them.

Contemplating the beautiful blueness..

I think this pic is so fun with all the eggs everywhere -- he had to roll them and spin them across the floor, because you know, they're balls.

Then he found his easter books, so we had to sit down and read them for a while.

I love the look on his face here -- so surprised at something he sees in the book!

He loves his easter basket -- carried it around all day.

I had to make deviled eggs pretty quickly after the egg hunt -- because of all the cracked and smashed eggs! And I thought they turned out pretty :) so I had to take a picture!

My handsome stud doing his GQ pose.

I love little boys in sweater vests! Don't you?!

I tried to take the binki away for the photo shoot, and this is what I got. Straining and reaching so hard for the bink, all the while begging for his "bee-bee" -- so I had to give it back, of course! Therefore, all the pictures have the bink in his mouth. Little stinker.

But with a face like that, how could anyone be mad at him?! :)

My handsome boys!!
Aren't they so cute?!

Me and my little Gray! Such a cute little guy!

These are baby Gray eating the Easter cookie his Nana gave him -- he LOVED it!!

Well, I think that's enough for tonight. I have more easter pics, and I will post them later!!!


Katie said...

I love all these pictures of Grayson!! Looks like you had a fun Easter. I too love sweater vests, Rockwell got one as well (not the same one as Gray's though..haha!)

Unknown said...

I just love him, he is so so cute!!!

Ty and Ber said...

I love that he tried to smash all the eggs. You throw balls and bounce them, so why wouldn't it work with the Easter eggs?

What a little stud in that sweater vest! Love it.

Camille said...

I love how much he loved the eggs. It's so fun to see all the excitement in their little eyes. His sweater is so cute. What a little man.

Amy said...

So darling! I lvoe that little outfit he wore for Easter. How fun! I love Easter with kids, everything is much more fun and exciting!

Sarah and Trent said...

I'm so glad you post tons of pictures!! They are all so fun~ dang he looks cute with that little hat on. So crazy to think of his first Easter... now he's such a big boy having fun with the eggs!

jamielynn said...

thats sooo cute we had so much fun too with matt he also thought the eggs were balls:)