Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby's First Easter!!

Grayson was very excited for his very first Easter! Okay, so I was excited for his first Easter! I figured this is probably the only time I could dress my boy up like a bunny -- so I did!! His little onesie said "Baby's First Easter" on it, the pants had bunny feet, and he even had a matching bunny hat! You can't really see the bunny ears, but I swear they were so cute!!! :)

I had to put in this picture so you could see the bunny feet!! :)

Grayson's first egg hunt at his great-grandma Oka's house was spent strapped to his momma! He slept pretty much the entire time! He's such a snuggler -- he loves being in the sling!

These are Steve's cousing Tracey and Kim -- and Kim's adorable twins Bradley and Laney!! How cute are they in their Easter best?! :) They were so fun to watch gather up all their eggs -- and sneak more candy when their mom wasn't watching! ;) I can't wait until Grayson is old enough to run around with them!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nap time

Grayson looked so cute taking his nap today, I had to take pictures!!

Grayson updates!

Grayson had his 2 week doctor's visit -- and he is doing great! He now weighs 9# 14 oz!!! He's gained almost a pound and a 1/2 since he was born! Babies are supposed to be back to their birth weight by the 2 week check-up (they lose a lot after they're born) -- and Grayson has far surpassed his birth weight! Dr. Campbell said I was "a good cow" -- because I'm obviously doing well with the breastfeeding!! Steve got a kick out of that one, and has been telling me to moo now every time I feed the baby!!! Gray also is 21 inches long, so a 1/2 inch longer than at birth! And his caput (swelling on his head from where they had to use the vacuum) is going down -- the doctor said it may take a few months to go away completely! All in all, Grayson is healthy and thriving!

His cord stump finally fell all the way off, so I got to give him a real bath in the cool bathtub my mom got for him -- it uses constantly-flowing water, so it always stays warm -- and it has a built-in thermometer so I know the water is the right temp for him! He actually liked it -- and fussed when I stopped pouring water over his head! He's going to be a fish like his daddy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Park City

We went to Park City this last weekend and stayed at a condo with my parents and sister -- so much fun! We mostly just sat around and were lazy! It snowed a little bit, so we bundled Grayson up in his little fleece snow suit -- he was so cute and warm and snuggly in it!

Sarah came from Arizona for the weekend just so she could hold Grayson, so we let her! This was the first time she got to see him since he was born -- and she didn't get to hold him because Steve was hogging him and wouldn't let anyone else hold him right after he was born :).

Sarah let us hold Grayson for a few minutes so she could take a 'photo shoot' of us out in the snow!!! But right after this, we had to give him back :) It's a good thing I'm breastfeeding -- otherwise I might never have gotten to hold my baby the whole weekend!!!!!

Sarah made Gray some little booties (two pairs!!) on the plane on the way to Utah -- so cute!!!! She's so talented!!

Between Nana, Papa and Auntie Sarah, I don't think Grayson had one minute where he wasn't being snuggled and loved and kissed!!!! What a lucky little boy!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

For Auntie Sarah

I don't really have anything specific to blog about today, but my sister wants me to post more pictures of Grayson! So here ya go, Sarah!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun with Daddy!!!

I just have to say that I have the best husband in the world! Steve is a lifesaver for me, and a great dad already for Grayson!! He is so patient and caring -- he is so eager to help and is always so excited to hold the baby! I'm in awe of how much love he has for our son! I'm so much more in love with HIM now! :) I just had to share that -- and these pics. The first one has to be my favorite of all time!!! My boys are so cute!!!!

Early morning snuggles! Steve is always snuggling and kissing Grayson -- so cute!

Making faces at each other...male bonding maybe???

Gazing lovingly at Daddy -- he's always so attentive when Steve talks to him!

More Daddy snuggles!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grayson Wesley Wayment!

He's finally here!!! Grayson was born on Monday February 25th at 8:20 pm, weighing in at a hefty 8#8oz -- and let me tell you I felt every ounce!!! The delivery went very well (epidurals are the best medical advancement in history) but I did have to push for 2 1/2 hours -- very much not fun! And the doctor had to use the vacuum -- his poor little head is so sore!! But he is here now, and of course he is the cutest baby in the whole world!! We are completely in love!

Getting some much needed rest with Momma! He is a very snuggly guy -- I LOVE it!!!

Grayson loves having his right hand up by his face -- and he is such a little poser!

After Daddy's first diaper change!! He's a natural already!! Grayson loves when his daddy snuggles him and talks to him -- his eyes get so wide and he focuses so intently on Steve -- he loves the sound of his voice!

I swear I didn't intentionally match my child's going-home outfit to the carseat fabric! It just worked out that way! But how cute is he?!!! He's already figured out how to hold his binki in his mouth and will actually put it back in his mouth himself! I have given birth to a genius!!!

I thought this was so funny I had to throw it in too -- Ollie has been a little jealous of Gray -- he thinks that when Nana visits that she should hold HIM like a baby too!!! He's been very protective of the baby, too -- he thinks every time he cries that it means he wants Ollie to lick his head. He is being very sweet, but a little over-enthusiastic at times. He's getting better though and is getting more used to the new kid taking over his turf!

I absolutely love Grayson's eyelashes -- they are the longest baby eyelashes I have ever seen!
I am completely and totally in love with this little guy! Being his momma is the best feeling -- I can't believe the immense amount of love I have for him -- I could just stare at him all day long!!