Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gray's first no-cry haircut!

Grayson has ALWAYS had a very hard time getting his hair cut. He shakes, sobs, and screams so hard he turns purple! It's always so traumatizing, so we always put it off.  So imagine my surprise last night -- we told Gray it was time to trim his hair, and he said "Ok!", and just trotted upstairs and sat on the edge of the tub! No kicking and screaming, no holding him down! He was great! I was shocked! I'm so proud of him! I know it seems like a little thing -- to sit through a haircut.  But it's a HUGE deal with Gray! He's getting so big! Here are the pics of his new 'do:
Such a handsome fella!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Celebrations

We had a fun Easter! Lots of fun, lots of family, lots of candy :) .  The Easter Bunny visited our house on Saturday. He left candy, books, and bubbles in their baskets, and hid eggs on the front lawn.  He also gave the boys a Plasma Car! What a nice Bunny.  :)

The baskets the Easter Bunny left for the boys

T went straight for the bubbles.  "Buh-buh!" 

He liked his little bunny, and kept petting it's face and saying "sofff" (soft)

Gray was excited to find eggs in the front yard. He ran the whole time

T found this egg all by himself

He took a few steps with it, declared it a "ball", then threw it. Then he was done with it.

Look of AWE right there! 

Then Daddy gave him this yellow egg that he thought was awesome, so he kept that one for a while.

Happy boy :)

T basically just toddled after Grayson, trying to keep up -- holding that one yellow egg!

More running.  Gray kept saying "Thank you, Easter Bunny!" as he dropped each egg into the bag I was holding all the eggs in.  :)

Daddy showed Gray how to roll eggs down a board. Lots of fun.

Daddy had to try out the Plasma Car first -- to "show them how to do it"

Grayson got it right away, and was so excited that he could make it go by himself! T loved following behind yet again.

T got a little turn, too

Gray loves it!

Then we headed inside to open all the eggs.  Daddy and Gray used the opportunity to play "Easter Egg Aliens"

On Easter Sunday, I was still not feeling well (I had a bad infection that floored me for a few days), so I sent the boys to church with Steve.  They all looked very handsome!
Gotta love those eyes!

Sweet Gray

Finally captured a smile from T

Silly boys

After the boys came home from church, we headed over to Steve's Aunt Mitsie's house for the annual Oka Egg Hunt Challenge.  The little kids find their eggs in the front yard first, then all the cousins (Steve's generation) has to follow clues to find their eggs, leading to bags full of goodies at the end. She does such a great job, and everyone has a blast! I sat it out this year, since I was still not feeling well. I played with the kiddos instead :)
Gray finding his eggs

His hat is a bit big.  He liked it, though, so he wanted to wear it.

Gray showing Aunt Mitsie and the Larson kids all the loot he got in his eggs
I guess I didn't get a picture, but they had a ton of Nerf guns there, that Gray LOVED -- we had a hard time pulling him away from them when it was time to go.

After Mitsie's house, we headed over to my parents' house for dinner. Ham, asparagus, potatoes, rolls, deviled eggs -- very springy :)  After dinner we had a little candy hunt in the back yard.  Gray was a pro by this point. He knows just what to do :)

Ama held baby Kenadee while we were all looking for candy

Uncle JD was a good spotter -- he helped find lots of goodies!

Aunt Kenna helping Gray get candy down from the tree

The Easter Bunny had a good time getting creative -- there was candy up in the rain gutter!

Cousin Rowan called on FaceTime while we were hunting, so Gray had to show him the candy he'd found

T mostly just toddled around, looking cute, and trying to eat the candy with the wrapper still on.

Hey look -- I was there, too!

Nani and Poppa got Gray this awesome bow and arrow! He loves it!  They also gave the boys some great books that they love, too. And T got a really fun ball with holes in it that he can hold on to (shhh, it's really a dog toy!! ha!)

On Tuesday, we went over to Steve's parents' house for dinner, and got even more goodies!
Jeanne hid [empty] eggs, and Gray was just as excited to find them all!

He wasn't even disappointed that there wasn't candy inside! He just loved finding them! 

Just had to post this because his eyes are amazing :)

T getting into his basket

He got this fun push toy -- so cute

Gray got a Nerf gun! Just like the ones he LOVED at Aunt Mitsie's house! 

He didn't even look at the other stuff in his basket -- just immediately made Gram open his gun

And got right down to business -- shooting his dad in the bum :D

Of course, he opened the rest of his loot later, and found some great stuff! He got this fun play set that goes along with one of his favorite books "Click Clack Moo".  And both of the boys got shake 'n go Cars 2 cars -- that they've loved playing with.  Plus lots more stuff!
We all got spoiled for Easter :)  It was a great time to be with family. But the very best part was when we were reading scriptures on Sunday night. Grayson stopped us and said, "Guys! Did you know? Jesus was dead! But then he came back alive! That's amazing!"  That's right, buddy! It IS amazing!  Happy Easter, everyone!