Friday, March 30, 2012

We always love the Dinosaur Park

We have been enjoying the warmer weather so much! We decided to take a long overdue trip to the Dinosaur Park today, since it's one of Gray's favorite places on Earth, and we haven't been the whole winter. I was a bit worried that T would be a bit scared by the big dinos, but he loves it, too. He even loved the ones inside that move -- he laughed at them and tried to climb the fence to get closer. Grayson always wants to go see them, but he'll never go more than a few feet into the room. It was a great day with my boys :)
Ooh! And big news -- Grayson went down the slide today without any coaxing! It was the tiny little baby slide, but hey - progress is progress! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My New Niece!

Welcome to the world, beautiful Kenadee Anne!!
My brother JD and his wife Kenna (cute, huh! -- Kenna + JD = Kenadee!) just had their baby girl! She is so adorable with her big bright eyes, and her perfect little lips! She shares her birthday with Steve, so we know she's going to be an awesome person :). I'm so glad she's finally here, and I already can't wait to smoosh her again!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Runaway Tree

Grayson and I were playing out in the front yard today, when he looked at our trees and got this confused look on his face. We used to have four trees out front, but Steve had to cut one down because it died, so now there are three (you can see them to the right in the picture -- it looks like four trees, but one is actually in the neighbor's yard -- it's a depth perception thing). Gray asked me, "Mom where'd number four tree go? There's only three trees!" Before I could answer, he spotted the little tree that's planted in the strip of lawn between the curb and the sidewalk (to the left in the picture), and he said, "Oh. There it is. It's just trying to cross the street.". Love his little four year old mind :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump!

It's been too long since I posted pics from my phone! So here they all are in one place :)

Gray and the balloons from Thatcher's birthday party

This is how T 'crawls' -- with his left leg tucked under him, and he pushes with his right foot.  It's very efficient, and he is extremely fast at it!

My little cheeser!

Ollie and Thatcher

Sometimes T just flops over and stays like that for a while! He's such a little snuggler! :) I love it!

Fell asleep sitting up on the couch

Gray modeling a hat I made for my cousin's boy

Silly bucket head (this was from back in November I think -- see the still-broken teeth?)

Gray fell asleep watching cartoons

I had to document Gray's clean room before it got trashed again. It doesn't look this good very often! Ha!

My happy, wide-awake baby at midnight!

Such a sweetie

This is a pretty good representation of our life! Haha! King Grayson ruling over his daddy! {At the Treehouse}

Momma and T (my new haircut by my awesome friend Jessica Gines)

Another mommy and me pic -- I love T's face in this one :)

The boys love to play in Thatcher's crib together -- I love hearing them giggle together!

My handsome hubby hard at work -- at HOME! I love that he works from home now!

More snuggles from baby T!

Such a happy little guy

Ollie is so weird sometimes.  I walked in on him one day just straddling the arm of the couch like this.

Such dainty little fingers playing his piano toy

A rare moment of sharing the same toy nicely :)

Gray was very excited to show me his squares he made in preschool -- they could be squares OR diamonds! He was so proud of himself :)

Love this handsome little guy

Just talking on the banana.

T was sitting on Gray's chair.  Couldn't have that. Had to join him.

T crawled to the end of the bed and wriggled down into the space between the foot board and the mattress.  And just hung out there for a bit.  Didn't fuss at all.  He was happy as a clam.

T loves the fish tank at the Treehouse.  He could watch the fish the whole time, if I'd let him!

Gray pretending to be a jaguar at the Treehouse.

T loves to reach the piano keys and play them daintily one by one.

I love this little scrunched-nose smile

Heaven for a four-year-old = playdoh ice-cream!

Gray loves to eat at our pull-out cutting board.  I used to do this , too -- at my Grandpa Koldewyn's house!

More cheeser! 

My boys with their friend Carson Gines

Gray and his loot from the Valentine's party at preschool

I made pink heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast on Valentine's Day

I'm seeing a theme here with the pics of Thatcher...

Gray and the Lalaloopsy doll I got him for his birthday -- I couldn't resist! It's a pirate boy -- that's perfectly fine for a boy's toy, right?! :)  He actually likes it, too -- which totally surprises me!

Just relaxin' on top of the dog.