Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Pictures

Just some random pictures of Grayson I thought I'd throw on here:

I LOVE this picture -- isn't he SO sweet?!?

Gray LOVES the trains at his Nana's house -- he's named every one after a character from Thomas and Friends.

Boy loves Cheetos.

More train love.

Gray loves lining his cars up, and any other toys he can fit onto his table. (side note: Gray has been on a monster kick lately, so I crocheted him one. I think he's pretty cute, and Gray loves him, too. His mouth is a pocket -- my intention was to eventually use him as a tooth fairy tooth holder thingy)

Every once in a while, Gray will bring me the camera and say "CHEESE!" and make me take pictures of him :) I usually get one good one before he does this :

Sweet sleepy boy.

We've been getting out some of the baby stuff, and Gray thought the baby swing was particularly fun. He'd climb into it by himself sometimes and just sit there, or swing himself back and forth.

He's so darn cute, I almost can't get mad at him for crushing his bowl of popcorn alllllll over the floor...

Meet Dexter

We surprised my mom for her birthday with a new PUPPY!!! His name is Dexter, and he's the cutest, sweetest little white Schnauzer. Grayson is in LOVE with him, and asks every day to go see "Nan, white puppy!!" or "White an black!" -- my mom's other Schnauzer is black. Here are some fun pictures of when we gave her the puppy:

This was all JD's idea, and as he said, he's "happy we're all still alive" :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Toddler Bed!

I finally gave in and converted Grayson's crib to a toddler bed. I've been hesitant to do it, because he's always been content in his crib, and it's so convenient to be able to corral him at night! :D But we decided it was time when Grayson surprised Steve by walking into the family room when he was supposed to be napping -- he had climbed out of his crib without making a sound! It's the first time he's done it, but he did it very well!! So that night I put the toddler rail on. Grayson was SO excited, and immediately climbed right up into bed and started jumping and rolling around. He kept saying "Bed! Bed! Bed!" -- he knows it's a big boy bed now instead of a crib! Luckily we have a baby gate installed in his doorway, so I was able to shut the gate to keep him contained to his room, but of course he took the opportunity to play with everything in his room and make a huge mess :) It takes him a bit longer to go to sleep now, but he's happy with his new-found freedom, and I'm not worried about him falling out of his crib. Although I AM a bit worried about him climbing other things -- I've discovered toys on the floor that were up high on shelves the night before -- so he's been climbing his bookcase and his changing table. I'm always in the next room, and both our doors are open, so I've never heard him fall or bang around a lot, so he's obviously very good at it -- it just worries me a bit. I've stopped putting the toys up on the shelves, hoping this will negate the need to climb. Also, to my surprise, Grayson has always ended up back in his bed to sleep -- he doesn't just pass out on the floor, he'll climb into bed when he's tired.

The evidence of the destruction :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Baby #2 is officially a BOY! I'm going to have TWO little boys! :) We're so excited!!! I'm still getting used to the idea -- since the beginning of this pregnancy, we were so sure it was a girl! Sure fooled us!! It will be so fun for Grayson to have a little buddy -- I think all boys need brothers!
All went well at the ultrasound -- everything looks good, he looks healthy! It was so fun to see the little guy wiggling and kicking and turning -- he was so active it was hard for the ultrasound tech to get good pictures sometimes! Here are some pictures:
Profile: (totally has Steve's nose and chin!!!)

Proof of the boy-ness:

LONG leg with a BIG foot!! Again, just like his daddy! :)

And here is an updated iPad shot -- this is actually how big Baby is right now!

The best part of having another boy is that I won't have to buy a SINGLE piece of clothing for this new little guy! Wahoo!! He's due a month before Gray's birthday, so all the clothes I had for Gray will be the right season. I can spend my money on other things :) I already bought a crib (AWESOME deal from Target -- buy a crib, get the matching changing table for FREE! -- couldn't pass it up), and now I'm working on cleaning out the 2nd bedroom so we have somewhere to PUT the crib. Steve says maybe we got a boy this time around because God knew we couldn't afford a girl right now -- I'm going to go a little crazy with the cute baby girl clothes when the time comes :)

The worst part of having another boy is that now I have to come up with another boy name!! We had a girl name picked out and ready to go, but boy names are so much harder!!! Our top three contenders right now are Abrahm, Merrick, and Asher. Other suggestions are welcome :) Vote on your favorite name over on my poll!!