Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter post #2

Here are som more pictures from Easter! :) Here are some more of his cutest outfit -- with the hat this time.

These ones are from the Oka family egg hunt! So fun!!
Grandma Jeanne helping Gray "find" the eggs.

He loved the big blue egg he found.

I don't know why he always thinks he needs to eat the eggs. Guess he thought the plastic ones might taste better than the dyed ones :)

Hunting :)

Bradley helped Grayson find the eggs -- mostly by bringing them right to him :) He was so helpful and cute!

Gray and his stash

I love the tongue -- always sticks out!! Hehe so cute!

Grandpa Scott pushing Gray in the swing.


Amy said...

Oh my gosh, if he isn't the cutest thing ever!

Emily said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter! How fun and I absolutely love Grays outfit, so stinkin cute!!

Sarah and Trent said...

Oh my dear sweet boy!!!! those are some dang cute pics--

Tyson. Jacque. Jackson. Mason said...

Grayson is DARLING!! You need to tell me where you get all of his cute clothes, I can't find any! I also need your your email...I had to switch blogs and need to re-invite you!