Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome Little Miss Avy Jane!

Avy Jane Wayment
This sweet little miss made her dramatic debut into the world on Thursday May 23rd at 7:28 pm.  She is wonderful, and has everyone around her just absolutely in love.
I'll post the pictures here first, then if you want the whole story, feel free to read to the end.

Waiting for the antibiotics to finish so we could get things started!

Steve demonstrating how to push...

My momma was my extra support -- she even braided my hair to keep it out of my face

Here she is!!
Two very proud parents
That first skin-to-skin snuggle is my favorite thing in the world!

Avy was pretty purple right after she was born, but she pinked up pretty quickly.
6 lbs 8 oz.  19 1/2 inches

Thoroughly enjoying her spa treatment
Look at that double chin! Hehe!!

Thatcher was sick, so he had to stay with Nani, but Grayson came and met his baby sister in the hospital.  He was so cute, and so excited! He kept saying "She's so cute!" "She's so tiny!" and for some reason, "She's so fuzzy!" 

Holding baby sis's hand

Sucking her thumb

Avy has her daddy wrapped around her little finger already :)

All dressed up and ready to go home

So here is Avy's birth story:
On May 23rd, I went in for my regular OB visit at my doctor's office. I've been contracting/dilating for many weeks, so there was nothing really new to report.  When he checked me, I was dilated to 6cm and fully effaced, fully engaged.  Dr. Seale said he didn't think I should go home -- he was afraid that I could go into full labor any minute, and maybe not make it back to the hospital. And seeing how fast I did go, I'm glad he kept me!
I called Steve and my mom, then headed down the hall to Labor & Delivery.  I was GBS positive, so I had to have IV antibiotics infused 4 hours before I delivered.  They got everything all hooked up (after one painful IV fail), and then we settled in to wait until my 4 hours were up.  A few times, the nurse would come in and look astonished at how comfortable I was -- they all kept asking if I was "really okay" -- seeing how many contractions I was having, and knowing how far I was dilated already.  I could feel the contractions, of course, but it wasn't any different than the ones I'd been having for months, so I was just fine.
Finally it was 3 1/2 hours after the antibiotics finished, and Dr. Seale came back in, said I was dilated to 7cm, and broke my water.  He said he would stay in his office -- it was so good that he stayed close.  As soon as my membranes were ruptured, my contractions REALLY kicked up, and we were in business.  I had been planning all along to have a drug-free delivery, and I got myself comfortable and tried to relax through my contractions.  Steve ran down to the cafeteria, since we figured we'd be there for a little while.  So it was just me and my mom in the room when I started feeling a lot of pressure -- which very quickly turned into "OH MY GOSH SHE'S COMING NOW!" Baby girl had found the exit, and she was making her escape, whether we were ready for her or not.  My poor mom tried to stay calm while she tried to find someone -- which of course no one was around. Steve came back from the cafeteria, and I'm pretty sure I yelled at him to get in there quick -- she was coming! I think I scared the poor guy.  It was the weirdest/scariest/hardest thing to have to keep her in until everyone was there.  It felt like forever, but of course it was only a few minutes -- finally my nurse came in, and she did an emergency broadcast.  Everyone came running, and they all got there JUST in time.  I couldn't even move into the traditional "stirrup" position to deliver -- they didn't even have time to break down the bed. Dr. Seale just got into position, said "Oh, yep, she's crowning!", told me to push, and Avy was born! It was exactly 4 hours after the antibiotics, and exactly 1/2 hour (HALF AN HOUR!) after my water broke. Little Miss came FAST.
It was so strange to go from walking out of my doctor's office to having my baby HERE in just 4 hours. I had myself all ready and in the mindset of having to go through hours of pain -- I had read a book on hypnobirthing, and was all ready with my relaxation exercises.  I did relax through the contractions I had, and it definitely helped -- but I think anyone can handle a 1/2 hour of real labor! Ha! So I really don't count it as any real "accomplishment" that I went natural -- it wasn't anything all that bad.  The only thing I hadn't felt before was the actual birth -- that was quite the experience.  Apparently I said something like "that kind of burns", because everyone kept making fun of me for saying it.  Dr. Seale joked afterwards "I'm over here whining to myself about how my back hurts from having to be in a weird position while I deliver the baby, and you're pushing out a 6 lb baby with no drugs, and you're just like 'that burns a little bit'." Then he called me "the Chuck Norris of all birthing women".  Ha! I think I'll take that as a compliment. (?) The most uncomfortable thing was probably being stitched up afterward without being numb at all -- since I just had a small tear and only needed two stitches, the doctor said it would probably hurt more to give me the shots, so I could feel everything for those -- not very fun in that very sensitive recently-much-abused area.  But all in all, I'm very glad I didn't get an epidural this time -- I felt so much better, and my recovery was so much quicker.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be -- but like I said before, anyone can handle just 1/2 hour of labor. Not that bad. :)
Avy was technically pre-term (I had her at 36 weeks and 6 days -- ONE DAY before she would have been term), so they had to do all kinds of tests and protocols.  It was really annoying -- they didn't used to do all that stuff unless the baby was symptomatic -- but everything was fine, and she is very healthy. She had an elevated bilirubin and had to be on the bili bed for a few days, but she is fine now.  She's having a rough time with breastfeeding, but she has a VERY determined momma that will NOT allow even a drop of formula, so she'll get it eventually. :)
Her big brothers are very much in love with her -- especially Grayson.  He gives her lots of kisses and tender little soft touches and is always saying how cute she is, and how much he loves her.  He has dubbed her "Pipsqueak" -- because she "likes to go 'Pip!' and she squeaks a lot". He says we have a "medium" sized family now, and makes sure at least once a day that we really ARE keeping her.  Thatcher mostly just ignores her, but sometimes he kisses her and says "she's so cute!!" -- or tries to shove her binkie in her mouth or something.
We're all still adjusting to life with a new baby, but we're loving it! We just love this sweet little girl to pieces!