Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Much-Needed Vacation!

This weekend, Steve and I went on trip for our 5th Anniversary!! Wow, I can't believe it's been 5 years! We didn't go far -- just Provo-area -- but we had some very much-needed relaxation and alone-time! This was the first time I've left Grayson -- and it was HARD!! I really missed him! But he had a great time staying with his Nana and Poppa!
Unfortunately, we discovered there was no battery in the camera AFTER we were already in the hotel, so I don't have any pictures, but I want to at least write about it all. Steve and I pretty much took it easy the whole time -- it was nice not having an agenda or anything -- we just did what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it! On Friday, we went to the Cheesecake Factory -- and I am in LOVE!! We had these fried artichoke hearts that were to DIE for -- and cheesecake that was even BETTER!!! MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it :) And we walked around a bookstore and just held hands and meandered :) Then we snuggled and watched a movie in bed. Saturday, I slept in til ELEVEN!!!!!! Can you believe it?! It was absolutely BLISSFUL!!!!!!! Then we drove down to the Manti Temple! It's my favorite temple ever! I wanted to get married there, but we decided to get sealed in the Ogden temple instead -- so I wanted to head down there and do a session for our anniversary! It was BEAUTIFUL!! Inside and out!! It was the perfect way to celebrate -- and so peaceful! I'm excited to go back! Then we drove back to the hotel, went and got awesome pizza, and saw the new Harry Potter movie -- good stuff! :) Sunday, we just took it easy and lounged around and snuggled and giggled and had fun. Monday, (our actual anniversary day) we drove north, and on our way we went to IKEA!! I've never gone there before, and I was in HEAVEN! Oh my goodness -- it was awesome! We stayed in there for hours! I tell ya, any time I need anything, I'm going there first!! :) We got so many things for SUCH good bargains!!!!! And getting good bargains make me SOOO happy! We got: 18 pieces of child flatware, 6 cups, 6 plates, 6 bowls, a shelf and brackets, 3 magnetic strips w magnets, a step-stool, a bib/bowl/cup set, two basting brushes, and a little table for Gray -- all for $60!!! WOWZA!! Hehe -- it makes me happy just thinking about it!! :D I love that it's good quality stuff, too! Well worth the drive to Draper for it! It is my new favorite store!! Ok, moving on -- after IKEA, we went to the Gateway and meandered some more :) Then we went to the Anniversary Inn and stayed in the Carriage Suite -- it was quite fun! The room was made to look like an outdoor cobble-stone street, and the bed was in the back of an old carriage! It was really fun! And the bed was very comfy -- an Intelli-Gel mattress -- awesome! We went to dinner at P.F. Chang's -- Steve's absolute favorite place to eat -- and it was where we ate on the night Steve proposed -- so it's nostalgic :) Then today (Tuesday morning) we headed home, but driving down 400 S., we hit a pothole in the road -- hard. And got a flat tire. Yup. It sucked. We drove a little way down the freeway before we realized it, and had to pull over on an emergency pull-out. Steve got out to change the tire, and discovered that the new wheels he bought a few months ago had different lugnuts on it, and he couldn't change it by himself. So we had to call the tire place, and wait an hour for the guy to come with a 'key' to unlock the lugnuts. Then Steve put the spare on, we drove to the tire place, and spent our grocery money on a new tire. I guess I'll be getting really creative with our meals the next few weeks. But after a few hours hold-up, we got to come home and see Grayson :) And that was the best part!! Well, okay, maybe the sleeping in past 7 am was the best part. ;)
Steve-o, you're the best husband I could ever ask for! You are absolutely wonderful, and I love you with all my heart! Thanks for making the last 5 years the best of my life! Lovest you! 1437 ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm a Gorg!!!!

I just had the most depressing realization of my life. I look like a Gorg. Remember the dumb, hairy, fat giants with the huge noses on Fraggle Rock? "I fownd a Fwaggle!". Yeah. That's me. Here's the evidence:

I know you see the resemblence. Shoot me now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things I never knew....

Today, during Grayson’s nap, I was thinking of how different my life is now as a parent. Before I became a mom, I thought I pretty much knew what parenthood was about – I knew what to expect, how it would be…….but there are some things I never knew, before Grayson came along.
I never knew I could care so little about my appearance, yet care so much about the sugar content of my baby’s juice.
I never knew every contribution I had to make to a conversation would begin with “Today, on Sesame Street….”
I never knew I would find peanut butter behind my ear (especially when we haven’t eaten anything with peanut butter on it for DAYS)
I never knew I could be so delighted to get so many slobbery, sticky kisses.
I never knew I would regularly call dogs “woofs”, cats “meows”, and chickens “ba-gawks”.
I never knew I could resort to acting like a complete idiot in public just to get a smile/laugh out of my child.
I never knew an entire room full of adults could be endlessly entertained by one small child.
I never knew I could fantasize so ardently about SLEEP.
I never knew I would count sleeping til 8 am as “sleeping in”.
I never knew I would peek in on my sleeping child numerous times a night just because I missed him.
I never knew a one-year-old could contain SO much energy inside such a small body.
I never knew I would do so much wrestling (trying to change a diaper, trying to trim fingernails, trying to get the hammer, screwdriver, etc, out of his hands……etc. etc. etc.)
I never knew I could feel joy to the point of doing a touch-down dance just by getting your child to FINALLY eat something you place in front of him – after 17 different tries (seriously, I counted last night)
I never knew I would love every single second of it all.
I never knew I could love a person so infinitely – and that love would continue to grow exponentially every single day.

I love you, Grayson! Thanks for teaching me so much, buddy! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grayson and the Splash Pad

On Friday, Grayson, Steve, and I went to the South Ogden Splash Pad (it's right behind the Ogden Athletic Club parking lot) and we had a blast!! Oo -- and it's FREE! I'm all for some free entertainment!! Grayson was a bit tentative at first, as he always is with new situations/new people/big groups of people! But he warmed up to it -- especially after most of the kids left (they were there for a birthday party, and they all left at once to go eat). He spent most of his time on the outside, playing with the smaller squirters, or at the littler playground there. We stayed longer than I thought we would, because Gray was having so much fun! I guess we'll be going back soon :)

Being ever-so hesitant about the water.
He had to stay close to me, and frequently buried his head in my lap when someone would look at him. Poor little shy guy!
He did let his daddy carry him around and play with the bigger water features. But they were only fun if daddy was holding him.
Lots of smiles that day!
He loved walking up and down the slide! He kept saying he was "BIG!" -- with his chest puffed out, of course!
Mostly there was a lot of this -- running around. Running and running and running and running! As long as he didn't get too close to anyone he didn't know!
I like this picture -- you can see the water dripping off his face! :)
At the very end, when we were getting ready to go, he decided to get brave (this is after most of the other kids had gone), and he ventured off into the splash pad alone. He'd giggle and squeal and splash! Until he got sprayed full-on in the face! :) Oh goodness I have fun with this kid!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Ok, there are a LOT of pictures ahead. Sorry. I take way too many.
Here's what we did for our Fourth celebrations!! :)

We started out the day with the North Ogden Cherry Days parade -- thanks Tyson and Jacque for letting us hang out on your lawn :) It was the perfect place!

Gray loved the train! He kept saying "choo!" in this really soft voice! So cute

Yummy salt water taffy! He loved it, and it got EVERYWHERE. :P
Grandpa Scott did a great job getting candy for Grayson! He was even shoving little kids out of the way to get the candy before they did -- it was funny to watch! Grayson loved it.
He got a little anxious with all the people around. Needed a little elephant-comfort. :)
Daddy sneaking some of Gray's candy :) I think he enjoyed it just as much as Gray did!
Grandpa Scott snagged this ball for Grayson, and he carried that thing around with him the rest of the day! The boy loves balls!
Tyson had a giant bag of peas from his garden that everyone was eating -- they were yummy! Grayson loved them, too! Almost as much as the candy! :) (This is Steve's great photography work.)
Grayson had fun playing with Brylee -- isn't she so cute?! I love her face in this picture!
Sharing the peas.

Brylee was so cute -- she kept feeding Gray the peas and helping him drink from his sippy cup! She's such a good little mommy! :)
I thought this was cute with the little pea sticking out of his lip.
Here's Brylee helping again! So cute :)

Then we went to the Barkers' house for swimming and a BBQ! So fun! Here are the self-proclaimed "Old folks" sitting outside watching us young folk swim :) I didn't get any pics of us swimming, but we had lots of fun!
Gray liked the ears on his puppy towel :)
Then we headed over to my mom's house for dinner! Gray found a puddle in the driveway, and he was in heaven! He was jumping and splashing and giggling up a storm! So cute! (don't mind the messy face -- he just ate a chocolate chip cookie)

Grayson loved when Uncle JD blew bubbles for him! So did my mom's dog Henry -- he chased them down with Grayson, and Gray thought that was extra fun! :)

Some of the awesome fireworks in the driveway. Gray was getting tired, so we had to start the fireworks before it got dark.
Here's a cute picture of Gray and his Poppa watching the fireworks! (Also, notice his THREE different outfits he's wearing in these pictures? Oo-- FOUR if you count his swimsuit!!! He had SO much fun, he got really, really messy. A lot. So we had three wardrobe changes. :) Good thing I had three patriotic outfits handy :) hehe!)