Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random pics from my phone

Just thought I'd share some of the pics I've taken lately with my phone :)

I love baby T's face in this picture!

Gray loves this big jungle book that some ladies from my mom's work gave him.

He always has to make all the animal sounds

Gray likes to climb into Thatcher's crib and gaze lovingly at him. :)

Somehow he got his blankie up over his head.

Fell asleep in the sling on our walk

Hiding his face because his mean mommy made him wear pink! (we stayed over at my mom's house last-minute, so I didn't have jammies for him.  So my mom pulled out some she'd gotten for my sister's baby girl due in June.  Hahahahaha!!)

T likes to sleep with his arm up over his head like this. Doesn't he look so comfy?!

I can't resist kissing those cheeks!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thatcher's Wall Art

I just got done putting up the wall art I made for Thatcher's room.  His room is a woodland animals theme, so I framed some animals I made with my Cricut. I painted some frames I got for $1 apiece, and I already had all the paint, and paper to make the animals, so it was a very cheap project. I love how they turned out!
Here's baby T showing off his new art work

The deer (eventually the walls will be blue, so the frame will stand out better than this)
The owl (Steve's favorite)

the hedgehog

the fox (my personal favorite)

Grayson had to climb up to check them out, too.

Then G realized I was taking pictures and said "CHEESE"

T tried his best to say it, too

Then I got a very rare (somewhat) smiling pic...

...before he started pulling faces.

I also managed to get a blurry shot of this tender little kiss! And I do mean little -- it was seriously like 0.2 seconds -- I was surprised I caught it! :)  I love that Grayson loves his little brother! He's always giving him little hugs and kisses like this.
Ahh, I love these boys! :D

1 month old!

Ok, so I'm a little (a lot) late posting this.  But Thatcher is 1 month old!!!!! (on Feb. 6th)  He is such a sweet, laid-back baby! He hardly ever cries -- mostly just lets out one little "LA!" to get your attention.  Because of this, he sometimes gets called "LaLa" or "Baby LaLa". He also gets called Thatch, T, T-bear, Thatcher Berry, and Baby Bruvver. He WAS going 3-4 hrs between feedings at night, but he must be building my milk supply up again, because now he's back to eating every 2 hrs.  Not much sleep here for Momma.  Oh, well.  He is so darn sweet and cute I can't be too put out.  He's still long and skinny, but has enough chub on his cheeks that they hang down to the bed when he's on his side :)  He's too long for Newborn size clothes, but the 3 month clothes are baggy on him.  His eyes are a deep navy blue, and get bluer every day -- they look a lot like Grayson's at this age.  His hair is still very blonde, but looks brownish in certain lights. He knows how to smile, but he's pretty stingy about giving them out -- usually to his Nana or his Daddy -- though I have been the lucky recipient of a few really good ones. :)   Aaaaand, that's pretty much all.  What else can you say about a tiny person that pretty much spends all his time sleeping, eating, or pooping?! Just how much I love, love, LOVE this little guy!!! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thatcher's birth announcement

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Friday, February 4, 2011

More Thatcher

Here are some more baby T pictures -- I took these ones myself -- not as good as Kandis's pics (in the last post), but I think they're pretty cute anyway :)  (oh, and these ones are of him at 4 weeks -- hers were from when he was 1 week)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Adorable Baby!

Thatcher is 4 weeks old! He is so sweet and adorable!  Here are some pics to prove it! :)
(taken by my friend Kandis -- check her out at KJo Photos)

Can you tell I went a little crazy with the crocheted photo props?!(two cocoons, two hats, a wrap, and a diaper cover!) :) They were fun to make -- and I finally have a model so I can get the sizes right!  Such a cute model, too!