Friday, April 10, 2009

Grayson Baby

Here are some new pics of my cutest boy! :)

This is Gray when Steve was gone on his business trip. He walked around all day saying "Dada? Daaaa daaa! Dadddddyyyyy??" and looking for him EVERYWHERE! He was so sad when he couldn't find him!! He started screaming and would NOT be consoled! Poor little guy!!! :(

This is the cute Spring block decoration I got at April's boutique!! So cute, huh!!!

Gray found his Easter basket and the Easter book inside -- and immediately sat down and "read" it like ten times. He loves books!

He then carried the book around in the Easter basket allllll day long!!!! He loves anything with handles! :) It's going to be so fun to see him do an Easter egg hunt!! :)

He also found the egg basket decoration -- he carried that around forever, too. I just love the look on his face!!

Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!! I just love this little face!!!

This is what I found one day when I was doing the dishes, and I let Gray have his run of the house. It suddenly turned very quiet, and I knew something was up. Something is ALWAYS up when it gets quiet. I went into the front room, and he had pulled EVERY single thing out of the diaper bag. He was quite proud of himself, and very happy.

I love this little outfit of his -- such a big boy! I love the awesome robot shirt!! And the Lucky jeans my mom gave him :) And the high-tops!!

This is his new thing -- when you ask him a question, he over-exaggerates a huge nod -- throws his head wayyy back then all all the way forward. Guess it's not as funny in a picture, but it's pretty darn cute in person! His cheeks are adorable in the pic though :)

Gray talking. He talks constantly. Only shuts up when he's getting into something he knows he's not supposed to be getting into! (Such as the aforementioned diaper bag!)

What a stud!

Gray with his ever-present elephant toy. For those of you who remember the lobster, I am happy to report that the ugly thing has been blessedly replaced by a MUCH cuter toy! He still likes the lobster, but no longer totes it around everywhere with him. He now carries this little elephant around everywhere he goes -- it's in his hand from the second he wakes up until he falls asleep at night. It's much more portable than the lobster, easier for his little hand to hold, and lots cuter :) So we're both happy! :)

Gotta love the huge smiles!

Well, those are some pretty darn random pics, but they're what I have for now, so they're what you get :) Nothing exciting is going on in our lives right now -- just waiting for my sister to have her baby so Gray and I can fly out there to help her out! I'm so excited, I can't even tell you! It's my very first nephew!! I'm gonna be an Auntie!!! :) I've even got my bag all packed and everything! Ready for that call, then I'm on that plane so fast!!! :) Just waiting on YOU, Sarah!! Ready when you are :) Tee hee hee :)


Amy said...

He is so cute! That is so sad that he missed his daddy so much. Beckham has that same robot shirt - I love it! And I bought the same Spring blocks, too. I love them! So cute!!

Sarah and Trent said...

Ohhh little MAN!!! He's looking so studly. I love his jeans too. Poor guy missing Steve-o, that breaks my heart!! I bet he was oooh sooo excited to see him again. Do you think he'll be missing him again when you guys are here in AZ?? Hopefully we'll all keep him distracted enough.
I'm so excited you're comin!!

Katie said...

Oh my, he's just too cute! I love how they get attached to certain things..I think it's so funny.
That's so sad that he's missing Steve so much..I hope he gets home soon!
You and I must have a thing for bulldogs cuz Rockwell has that same shirt in the very first pic you posted and the same blue bulldog pj's. Love it!

Unknown said...

I love seeing pictures of him!! He relly is the cutest!! I'm very excited for Sarah to have her baby, and so glad you all get to go. Sisters are the best!

C and C Young said...

Those pictures are so fun--what a cutie! I really love the spring blocks too.

anne said...

I guess we are going to have to stop calling him BABY _ - he is turning into such the little BOY ! cutest little guy

Anonymous said...

Grayson is such a cute little guy! We need to get him and Jackson together again so that they can be besties like Tyson and Steve