Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Incredibly Adorable Baby!

We have pictures of all the grand boys in this outfit -- it was Thatcher's turn :)  Oh, MY he's adorable!

Monday, October 17, 2011

More Pumpkins

We had some more fun with pumpkins today.  Gray and I colored pumpkins to decorate our door, and I made pumpkin rice krispie pops for the treat for FHE.  Gray was a little excited, if you can't tell :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Aww. I love them. :D

Bath Time Fun

I love that I can now bathe both of my boys at the same time! It's so much fun! They have a great time splashing each other :)

The wind-up.....aaaand....


And Gray loves to show Thatcher how his bath toys work -- or just how to pour water out of a cup :)

And T's hair is always super crazy after toweling off :)

Oh man I love those curls!

Fun at Discovery Gateway

On Friday, we headed down to SLC with my mom, my sister, and her kids to the Discovery Gateway.  It was so fun to explore all exhibits -- we had a great time!


We went over to the Hansens' farm (my uncle's family's) yesterday and picked out our pumpkins! Gray always gets so excited when he sees all the pumpkins -- they cover the whole lawn! He loves to climb on them for some reason.  He had great fun with his favorite cousin Rowan :) 

And aren't these just the cutest little punkins you ever did see?! AHH! So cute! 

Little miss Holland and Thatcher -- wearing the hats I made them. 

Isn't she so sweet? :)  

Oh, goodness I love them :)