Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is our 6th Anniversary! 6 years ago today was the best day of my life, and it's only gotten better from there!!! Steve and I were married in the Ogden Temple on July 27th, 2004. It's crazy to think we've been married that long -- and that we've known each other for TEN years! But it also feels like we've always been together! I love being married to this guy! :D
We celebrated by going down to Salt Lake (THANKS to my awesome MIL Jeanne for watching Gray for us!). We went to P.F.Chang's (where we went the night we got engaged!) and ate yummmmmy food. Then we spent a gift certificate at Great Harvest (got the yummy sunflower bread and AWESOME cookies! For FREE! Wa hoo!!), and wandered around Trolley Square for a while (anyone else depressed at how sparse it is lately?? There were only like 10 shops in the whole place!) -- and got my favorite Apple Pie caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!! While we drove home, we reminisced about our wedding day and early married days. Got me giggling a few times :) Then my awesome hubby let me take a nap while he took care of Gray and even got him ready for bed! I guess he tried to wake me up, but I was dead to the world. (I thought the pregnancy exhaustion was supposed to go away by the 2nd trimester!!! blecchh)
Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Steve-o baby! I love you with all my heart! The past 6 years have been wonderful, and I'm looking forward to spending eternity with you! *MWAH*!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh Baby!!

So I suppose I should document a bit more of what's been going on for the first trimester of this pregnancy :) I found out I was pregnant in the middle of May -- just with an at-home pregnancy test. I took it while Grayson was napping and Steve was at work, so I was alone when I found out -- I just smiled and cried and prayed to thank Heavenly Father for this little miracle! I told Steve by using his iPad (totally appropriate if you know what a technophile he is! :) hehe) -- There's an App by Pampers that tracks your pregnancy week by week, shows you what is going on developmentally, how big the baby is, etc. So here's a screenshot of what it looked like:

I handed that to Steve and said "This is how big your baby is!" -- he smiled, said "You're pregnant?!?!?" and kissed me. Then he said "We need a bigger car!" HAH! Such a male thing to say, don't you think?! (Also, as a side note: we bought a Toyota Highlander a few weeks ago because of this. So he's happy now! :) hehe)

Here's an ultrasound pic of the little seahorse:

I say "little seahorse" because that's what Grayson called it when we showed him the picture :) I'm totally with him on that one! We're trying to "prepare" Grayson a little for the new arrival, but he doesn't seem to be able to quite grasp the concept. I tell him there's a baby in my tummy, and he laughs like it's the funniest thing he's ever heard -- like I just said I had a cow in my elbow or something. Maybe it'll make more sense when my belly gets big(ger). I'm totally open to suggestions here! What can I do to get him ready for a new baby? He's 2 1/2 now -- he'll almost be 3 when Baby is here.

Speaking of which, my official due date is January 17th, 2011 -- that sounds SO far away! I'm sure it'll be here before I know it, though! It's already seemed to go by a little faster than my first pregnancy. Probably because I'm busy chasing a 2 year old around!!! I think this time around is a little bit easier (in that I haven't actually thrown up -- just constantly queasy; plus, I'm not working 12-hour shifts at the hospital!), but also harder (that whole 2-year old thing, ya know). I'm completely EXHAUSTED all the time -- I feel so bad for Grayson -- I haven't taken him to do as many things as I should -- I just don't feel up to it! But hopefully now that I'm into my 2nd trimester, I'll be feeling better soon, and we can go explore more often!

The weirdest thing about this pregnancy is that I've been craving ground beef. Which I HATE. I usually won't eat ground beef unless it's an actual hamburger. But now I've been eating tacos and spaghetti with meat sauce, and anything else I can get with beef in it. SO weird. I've also been craving sweets (especially donuts and muffins) -- which is SO dangerous. With Grayson, I craved anything sour -- which doesn't really seem to be happening this time. Maybe this time we're having a girl???? :)

We are SO excited for this new little one, and can't wait to meet him/her!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun on the Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July!!! We had lots of fun over the weekend -- here's what we've been up to!!
We went to North Ogden's parade -- thanks Tyson and Jacque for letting us camp out on your lawn! :)

Look how cute these kids are -- Gray, Brylee and Jackson

Gray liked the trucks, but not so much when the sirens went off.

Dad caught a popsicle -- score!

He was so cute and excited -- he was bouncing up and down!

Gray loved the candy he got -- he carried the sucker and the salt water taffy around.

Daddy was so good to carry him around.

Gray's favorite things: The HORSES...

...and the TRAIN!

Proof for Scott that Jeanne did her appointed job and ran out to get candy for Gray :)

Proof that I was there, too :)

Grayson got bored near the end of the parade, and wandered back into Tyson's back yard -- and I don't blame him -- they have an awesome setup back there! :) Gray loved the playground:

And the big tree he could walk under!

And then he found the best thing EVER -- LIVE CHICKENS!!!!!

Whoa, baby -- he was EXCITED! He loved throwing peas into the cage for them to eat.

But when Tyson brought one of them outside the cage, he kept his distance :)

Later, after we all had our afternoon nap :) we went over to the Barkers' house for a fun BBQ/swim party! Thanks for inviting us!

Gray was a bit apprehensive about being in the water -- not so used to being in pools this big!

Then today we went over to my mom's house for yummy food and hangin' out :)

We had YUMMY home-made chocolate ice cream!!

Steve was so cute to wedge into the little kid chair so Gray didn't feel left out at the kid's table :)

...except then Grayson left STEVE alone at the kid's table.....Steve doesn't look too sad about it, though, does he?! :)

I made these red, white, and blue chocolate-covered strawberries -- festive, aren't they?!

Gray also got to hang out in a pool that was more his size.

He loved the big boat toy!

Everywhere he went, Gray would make us ALL go with him -- he'd go around to everyone, grab our hands, and say "Go! You come, too!" So his Nana decided they were a "parade" and we all marched around the yard for a bit :)

Happy Birthday, America! :) And speaking of BIRTHDAYs, we have a pretty special one coming up in 6 months......

That's right! Baby #2 is on his/her way -- due in mid-January 2011! WAHOO!!!! :oD (and bytheway, this is the exact size of the baby right now -- hence why I am holding the iPad up to my belly) We couldn't be more excited! :)