Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year, A New Grayson

(his broken teeth)
On January 2nd, Grayson got his teeth capped.  He broke his two front teeth while he was learning to walk, and they've been okay until now -- the last time we took him to the dentist he said the teeth were finally dying, and were worn down to the nerve.  So we said goodbye to Gray's "shark teeth" (as he called them), and got some new "square teeth" (as he calls them now!)

He was so groggy and out of it for the first day while the sedation was wearing off. I enjoyed some snuggle time while he was passed out. :)

His poor cheeks were so red and swollen (they said it was from the shots)

Still trying to be happy

Showing me his new teeth

This is the next day -- still quite swollen.  But he's SO happy with them!

Not swollen anymore -- all better!

He was cute before, but now he's just downright handsome! He loves his new teeth, and is happy to show them off to everyone.  I've even seen him biting food with his front teeth, which he's never done before. I'm so glad we did it!

T's First Birthday Party

Little T had such a great first birthday party! We made it a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, since it's one of his favorite books, and since he crawls like a caterpillar. :)  I made his "party hat" with the caterpillar on it (inspired by one on Pinterest)

Here's the cake I made (Steve got fancy with the camera work)

Grayson was very proud that he got to help make the fruit caterpillars

Here's the final product -- grapes, strawberries, and chow mein noodles

The decorations

More decorations

The balloon caterpillar

Me and my T-bear

With his Daddy

Checking out his cake -- he was very impressed by my skills

With Uncle JD and Aunt Kenna

Loves from Nani

Fun Scentsy dog from Nani and Pop

This was his face when he realized he got a piece of the cake! SO excited!

Wow! That tastes good!

Shoving as much as he can in his mouth all at once

He actually didn't get as messy as I thought he would.  He kept the mess contained to his tray, and hands and face.

Gray got just about as messy as T did

So excited :)

Playing with Gram, Grampa, Uncle Jordan and Aunt Jessica

Opening presents

Fun bowling game from Gram and Grampa

Cute jungle book from the Gines'

He loved pulling the paper off :)

He loves this teether from Aunt Kenna and Uncle JD

Playing with the new bowling set

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thatcher is ONE YEAR OLD!!

Thatcher Arie is ONE YEAR OLD!! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! My little T-bear is such a sweet, mellow, fun little guy! He is such an important part of our family, and is such a blessing to us.  Here are his 12 month pics.

Here's a bit about my sweet little man:
He is 30.8 inches long (79%), and weighs 19 lbs 10 oz (8%). Still following the growth curve, just tall and skinny as always!
Thatcher thinks he's a big boy, and tries to do whatever big brother Grayson is doing. This perturbs Gray a bit when T tries to steal whatever he's playing with.
T is KIND OF crawling, though he still doesn't do the traditional hands-and-knees crawl.  He either wiggles across the floor like a caterpillar, or he scoots himself around on his bum, pulling with his hands and pushing with his foot. He's quite efficient at it, however, and sure does get around where he wants to go!
He loves to scoot himself over to the front window and pull himself up so he can see out the window.  He pretty much loves to pull himself up on anything -- he loves to stand and cruise around the furniture.
T is expanding his vocabulary quite nicely -- he babbles and coos and chatters all day long.
He laughs all the time, and it's my favorite sound in the world.  He laughs at anything and everything!
He loves to eat -- here's hoping he STAYS that way and isn't picky like his brother!  His favorite snack is "Baby Balls" -- these little Japanese ball cookie things we get at Steve's aunt's house.  He loves em! (That's what he's eating in the first pic at the top).
He's still nursing, which I LOVE -- except the whole biting thing.  OW.  He still just has two bottom teeth, but I suspect there are more coming soon.
T has the craziest curls ever, and I LOVE them! People keep telling me he needs a haircut, and I just say NEVER! Oh, I love those soft, sweet curls!
He's still co-sleeping with us -- another thing I love. I love having him next to me, being able to snuggle my sweet boy all night! He makes the sweetest little sounds and faces while he sleeps. And most mornings I wake up to chubby little hands patting my face, and a sweet little voice saying "deedledeedledeedle mama-mamaaaa". What could be better than that!?  I said I'd start to transition him to his own crib after he turned one, so I guess I have to now.....  not sure I'm quite ready to give him up yet :)
He's getting old enough now that Grayson loves playing with him -- it's so fun to watch them together.

We love you, T-bear! Here's to another great year ahead of us!