Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Festivities!

Ok, finally getting some time to blog :) Here's what we did for Christmas!! I didn't take as many pictures and I should have, but that's what happens in all the excitement!

On Christmas Eve, we went to my mom and dad's house for the Lowe family festivities -- we had our traditional AWESOME Christmas breakfast -- my mom and I made it the night before, and it was a LOT of work! Everyone seems to have their own favorite part of breakfast, so we made everything! Monkey bread (for me), egg casserole (for Steve), fruit salad (for Sarah), hot chocolate from scratch (for my mom), creme brulee french toast (for JD), strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar (for my dad), and bacon and sausage for everyone!!! :D Yum yum yum!!! It was divine!

After breakfast, we opened our stockings -- Grayson got some ADORABLE wooden animals that he LOVES -- especially the new elephant!!! I didn't seem to get a picture with the new ele, but he has carried that thing around with him everywhere, along with his original Ele. The boy has a thing for elephants, what can I say?! He got quite a few for Christmas, too. He's spoiled :) I got a Pandora charm bracelet from my mom -- with a cutest elephant bead for Grayson :) I'm so excited to keep adding to it! Sarah got me a Veggie tales nativity set that is AWESOME!!! JD got me a fun frame that will look perfect in Gray's room. Steve got some great video games that he's been having fun playing ever since. Gray got some cars (LOVES cars), some animals (LOVES animals), a bike (and helmet and pads), a puzzle, and other various treats and toys!
Here is Nana with her two grandsons! Gray was too busy playing with toys to stop and take pictures -- he didn't want to cooperate!
Poppa and his grandsons
My sister Sarah and her cutest boy Rowan (in Gray's Christmas outfit from last year! So cute, huh!)
Kisses and snuggles captured in the midst of all the running around.

Nana and Pop gave Gray a BIKE! Gray was so excited, he just kept saying "BIKE, BIKE BIKE!!!" -- I didn't even know he KNEW what a bike was!! It doesn't have pedals, you just sit on the bike and push with your feet -- supposedly it helps him learn how to ride a bike better than a trike. He loves it, and has been carrying it/riding it all around the house since. Can't wait til it's warm enough to actually go outside and ride it a long ways!
Gray and Row in the midst of all the Christmas mayhem.
Cutest Row got a push-toy from Nana -- isn't he adorable?!
My mom made Kailee a cutest blanket -- I helped pick out the fabric :) Cute, huh! I made Kailee a princess pig -- per her request -- that turned out pretty cute -- but I didn't seem to get a picture of that either.

The cute Porter family!

Then we went to my grandma's house for our traditional home-made soup in bread bowls dinner! Yum yum! And so fun to see everyone! Again, no pictures there. I'm a slacker.

That night, Steve and I opened our presents to each other! Steve-o got a Playstation 3 (he now has every game system. Oh my.), and various games and Blu-Ray movies (our main reason for getting a PS3). I got a cookie press (WHOO HOO!), and a Slanket (a higher-quality version of the Snuggie), and a super-cute Fossil watch that I've been wanting for years! I also got a fun snowflake necklace, and a cute shirt! Thanks, baby!

Then on Christmas morning, we had our own little family celebration first.
Here is what Santa brought for Grayson! He got the A to Z Learning Zoo, some movies, teddy bears, some books, a Sesame Steet DVD, and a kid-sized chair with his name embroidered on it!
A close-up of his name on the chair.
Gray enjoying the chair. He loves it -- it's light-weight enough to carry around the house -- and we take it up to his room to read books in, down to the family room to watch TV in, and anywhere else he wants it! He climbs into it all the time and gets so excited about it! So cute!

After Gray opened his presents, we went up to Steve's parents' house. Again, didn't take enough pictures. But I got a KitchenAid stand mixer!!!!!!!!! HOOOOOOOORAY!!!!! Been wanting one of those for years!!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am for that one!!! Thanks again, Jeanne and Scott! You're awesome! Steve got a drill press and sander (he wants to start making wooden toys). Gray got a cars racing ramp, some hand puppets, and a gigantic elephant toy/pillow!
Hugging said elephant
Asking for more "please", of something -- probably cookies :) His Gram (as he calls her) loves to spoil him with treats -- as is her right as a grandma :)

After that, we went home to take naps :), then headed over to Steve's grandma's house for a few minutes (sorry, guys), before we had to get to the Wayments' again so we could talk to Steve's brother Jordan -- who is on his mission, but is getting home in ONE WEEK!! Good to talk to him!
We then made it to my grandma's house for a few minutes again, then back home to CRASH! It was a BUSY few days, but SO much fun! Thank you everyone for your generosity, and then fun times! Christmas is my favorite time of year -- and it's only BETTER with having a kid!!


Amy said...

that picture with you mom holding the boys is so funny with Rowan's diaper hanging out!
What a fun Christmas, looks like you had a busy but fun holiday!

Becky said...

Haha..Veggie Tales :) Good times. My kids are actually watching that right now as I type this!
That is awesome that you got a Kitchen Aid! Josh surprised me with one for Christmas a few years ago. I love it. Glad you guys had a good Christmas!

Kandis & Derek said...

Looks like tons of fun! I can't believe how grown up Kailee is! We are getting old.
p.s. we have a baby shower to start planning...I'll have to give you a call soon so we can work it out.

Sarah and Trent said...

cute cute!! I'll send you a few more pics too. Love the snowsuit... and the darling chair.

Katie said...

What a fun Christmas!! Grayson is darling. Funny..I got a KitchenAid from my in-laws too! Maybe you'll have to give me lessons on how to use it. Mine is still in the box cuz I'm too scared to get it out, looks hard to work, and I'm too sleep deprived to understand the directions :) Where did you get Greyson's chair? Pottery Barn is the only place I've seen them. I've always wanted to get my kids one of those.

Jennifer said...

Where did you get that cute chair? I think I need one of those for Brylee.