Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Sinterklasse Day!!

If you didn't know, today is Sinterklasse Day -- it's the Dutch version of our Christmas (Christmas Day for them is more of a religious day, not a gift-giving day) -- and on Sinterklasse Eve you put out your shoes with hopes that Sinterklasse will leave you treats and presents in them the next morning (sound familiar?!). My grandpa was Dutch, and we always celebrated Sinterklasse Day at my house, and I wanted to keep up the tradition with my family. Now, my mom had darling little slippers especially for Sinterklasse Day for each one of us growing up. I don't have any of those. So we used our real shoes.
Not as cute. But way funny. I don't think Gray got the hilarity of the situation, though. He picked his treat out of his shoe, looked at it in confusion, said "Shoe??", then put the treat back INTO the shoe. It's still there. He won't touch it now. But he also got a fridge magnet farm animal toy, and he played with it all morning. He was so smart, he went right over to it and started matching up the halfs of the animals -- no problem! I showed him how to put them in the barn, and how it made the animal noises -- which he didn't like so much. For some reason, Gray is afraid of anything that makes animal noises -- he's fine with songs, but sounds, he hates. So we turned the sound off, and he was happy again. Thank you, Sinterklasse! If only Grandpa was still around to sing the Sinterklasse song!


Sarah and Trent said...

don't worry Manth, I will sing it for you. Sinterklasseeee ke puuucha, y nene ne bede sccccucha. Danke panka de pape twas ene alna bate munchaaaa. Danke Sinterklassssse.

Sarah and Trent said...

K I looked up the real words.

Sinterklaas, kapoentje
Gooi wat in mijn schoentje,
Breng wat in mijn laarsje,
Dank je Sinterklaasje.

Saint Nic'las, my dear one,
Something in my shoe put,
Something in my stocking,
Thank you, Saint Nich-o-las!

The Rice's said...

Oh that is such a cute tradition. I love that Gray wouldn't touch the candy after it was in his shoe. Makes me laugh. He is getting so big and he is just a doll!!

anne said...

I think Sarah's original version sounds more like granpa !!!! hahahahaha
LOVE IT ! I love that Gray didn't want to eat out of his shoe too ! hahahah - - - so glad you are carryin on - - and awesome sar that you found the real words !

anne said...

Oh - and granpa always said that if you were a GOOD little boy you got a treat in your shoe - - if you weren't being good, your shoe would be empty and you knew you had to work harder at being good or you wouln't get anything in your stocking on christmas day. :)
One year he got a lump of coal in his shoe :(

Jennifer said...

Cute magnet set. We gotta get these kiddos together. They would love it. Maybe we should meet up at the tree house or something.