Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome Home, Steve-o!!!

Steve has been in Brazil for work this past week! He just got home, and I am SOOOO glad to have him back! I hate when he's gone! This week was particularly tough, because Gray got sick literally the day Steve left, and of course that meant that *I* got sick shortly after. And it snowed a TON, and I didn't have Steve-o to shovel for me -- so on Thursday I was out there shoveling my driveway and feeling like I was about to keel over -- but then my AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL neighbor snow-blowed my driveway for me on Friday after the BIG snowstorm!! Oh man am I grateful for wonderful neighbors!
Gray also felt the need to wake up SUPER early every day (usually 6, but some days at 5 or even 4 one morning! OUCH.), and I don't sleep well when Steve is gone, so I was sleep-deprived the whole week, and had NO breaks except when my wonderful mother watched Gray for a bit while I ran some errands on Friday.
Anyway, enough of my little pity party -- I'm just SO glad Steve-o is home!! Steve brought home some matching Brazillian soccer jerseys for him and Gray -- look how cute they are:
(Gray did NOT want to leave his mommy. Guess we got a little too attached the past week.)
(Wow, this is fun!)
(Ok, I guess I like you again, Daddy!)


Jennifer said...

I know just how you feel. Sorry you were sick and sleep deprived. I hope things get back to normal now that he is home. It sucks when they leave hu?

Sarah & Trent said...

Ahhhh cute shirts on those boys! Manth I'm so sorry you were feeling yucky, that stinks! Cold weather and stuffy-headed, runny-nosed, yucky-throated times are not my favorite. I'm so sorry. We hope you're feeling all better, and we're excited to see you this week!