Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last Saturday, we took Grayson to the Treehouse Museum's "Cookies and Milk with Santa" event -- we never got to go see Santa -- Gray was too busy playing! But I don't think he would've liked Santa anyway! So we had fun :) Gray LOVED the cookies, as you can tell :)

This was his first "dunking of the cookie in milk" experience -- it was a hit :)

And then today, I thought we'd make and decorate some Christmas sugar cookies! It's a holiday must, right? Well, here is Grayson's idea of helping:

He ate all the icing/sprinkles off the cookie, then ate the sprinkles in the bowl. *sigh* well, he thought it was fun, anyway. And I decorated the rest while he was busy with his :)


Katie said...

Very cute pictures!! Looks like the cookies are a fav.

jamielynn said...

he is so cute! i cant wait to be home with a kitchen so i can do the holiday cookies and such! he probably wouldnt have liked santa he is kinda scary;)

anne said...

OH what fun ! sprinkles are the bestest. You are such a fun mommy. Gray, did you save any cookies for me ?

April said...

boy after my own heart, cookies, good, sprinkles, good, sugar, GOOD!!!! I am so sad I missed the cookies with Santa I totally forgot.

Sarah and Trent said...

cute cute! He definitely knows what's good for him. I made some cookies yesterday too, for our ward party tonight-- but Row didn't get to help, he was sleepin. I made alfajores from Argentina! So yummy with the dulce de leche in-between. It was a lot of work!