Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a New Year!

Well, I've been a little lax on the blogging lately. Sorry. I just haven't had any new pictures, and I don't like to post without pictures. But I figured I'd just go ahead anyway. Here's what's been going on with us lately :)
We were sick for New Year's, so we stayed home, and it was like any other night. Nothing special. But I STILL can't believe it's already 2010. Here are my resolutions for this year: I've decided that this year, they should be a little more specific, and reasonable. So:
1. I'm going to walk 30-45 minutes a day, 6 days a week.
2. I will limit my meals to 17g of fat/meal, 1800 calories/day.
3. I will get my child out of the house every day for at least a 1/2 hr. (I have already broken this, and have since ammended this resolution to include "Except when the air outside is hazardous to one's health")
4. I will not restrict my child's activities just because it makes more work for ME, or annoys me. (So I will let him feed himself, fingerpaint on his paper AND his body, carry his toy animals all over the house, let him watch the "move it, move it" scene from Madagascar 30 times in a row, etc.) -- if it's not going to hurt anyone, or destroy something expensive, he can do it. I'm all about letting him explore and discover.

Steve went on another business trip, but this time it was just to Arizona, and just for a few days. I missed him. Gray missed him, which made me sad -- it's so sad to try to explain to an almost-2-year-old why his daddy isn't there when he asks for him. He'd go around the house looking for Steve, yelling "DAAAA! DADA!!" at the top of his lungs. Sad. But he is home now, and all is well again.

Steve's brother Jordan just got home from his mission in Ohio! Yay! Welcome home, Jordan! He is ready and raring to go for all those dates! So if you know someone that wants to go on a date with a cute, outgoing RM, pass on some info, and I'll hook them up :)

(Thanks for the pic, Kandis :) hehe)
On Saturday, Kandis and I threw a baby shower for Jessica -- and it was SO much fun! My camera battery ran out, so I didn't get any pictures. But it was so great to see everyone that came! And I'm so excited to meet little baby Gines! :) Here's the link to the baby website I was talking about: (it's a GREAT site for anyone looking for awesome baby stuff cheap -- they have a new "steal" every day starting at 9 am -- everything is at least 50% off) -- and their partner site is (also wonderful -- same thing, just with kid stuff!) Also, I made a yummy salad that people wanted the recipe for, so here it is:
Wonton Salad:
1 head of iceberg lettuce, chopped
1 pack of wonton wrappers (wrappers? papers? whatever they're called)
4 green onions, chopped
browned sesame seeds (I don't know an actual measure, I just toss in a bunch -- I'm all about the eyeballing method)
almond slivers (ditto with these)

Toss all ingredients. Fry the wontons, and cut or crush them into smallish pieces -- toss these in right before serving, or they'll go soggy. Toss it all with the salad dressing below:

Salad Dressing:
4 tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. salad oil
6 tbsp. white vinegar
Garlic salt to taste
1/2 tsp. pepper
2 tbsp. sesame oil

**you can make this Chicken Wonton Salad by adding chunks of grilled chicken, too -- it's really yummy and makes it more of a meal instead of a side

Other than those things, not much has been going on. January has thus far been full of sickness. Gray gets sick, then I get sick. Then Steve gets sick. Then Gray and I get sick at the same time. It's been relentless, and for some weird reason, it's always been worse on Sundays. Today we went to Jordan's homecoming, and it was the first time Gray and I have gone to church in a month. Horrible. People are gonna start thinking I've gone inactive. I promise I'll be back. Just saving the kids of the nursery from our germiness.

Here's one new pic I have -- my sweet boy playing with his bath toys he brought out of the tub after bath time. His hair is getting long. I kinda like it this way! :)

So there ya go. You haven't been missing much.


Sammy said...

that salad sounds delish! Mmmm might have to make that, and that baby website is GREAT! I'm going to have to go daily, hopefully start stocking up on stuff, thanks for sharing!

Carley said...

I've missed your posts. Thanks for the recipe, it was so much fun to be there!