Friday, April 18, 2008

Nakie Baby!!!!!

Grayson LOVES it when I leave him without his clothes for a while! And he's getting so cute and chubby! I had to show some pictures! :) Look at those arm rolls!! Haha!

Ollie of course has to stay close -- he's licking Gray's foot in this picture -- he thinks he's helping!

Grayson is also smiling now! It's so cute! This is the end of a smile -- I couldn't get a good picture of one of his full-faced huge baby grins! You can almost see his cute dimple on his right cheek. Oh it just melts my heart! I love it!


anne said...

oh - I just need to smoosh him again ! I love those fat little legs ! OH !!! don't ya just love him !!
the nana - -

derek said...

Wow, he is looking a lot like steve in that one where he is smiling. Very cute. And to all those people out there who think dogs are trouble around babies, look how cute ollie is with grayson!!! (People always ask us if we are getting rid of our dog when we have kids....does this sound weird to anyone else!?!?!?!?!)

Jennifer said...

Sam and Steve, It's jenn boman (barker) tyson showed me your blog and I think your little boy is adorable and I love the name.