Friday, April 25, 2008

Hubby tag

A-ATV of choice? One that Jordan hasn't broken...
B-Born on? March 24th, 1982
C-Cookies or Candy? depends on te kind -- but he'd probably take gummy bears over anything
D-Date of Choice when you go out? dinner and movie!
E-Essential Item? his lap top -- if we're going anywhere for any length of time, he has to bring it with him, and he gets on it as soon as we walks in the door after work!
F-Favorite Foods? chicken, hamburgers, cheese fries, anything fried :)
G-Gas or Diesel vehicles? gas
H-Hobbies? computer anything, video games
I-Ice Cream Flavor? any kind! he loves ice cream!
J-Job? IT specialist/computer programmer
K-Kids? one baby boy Grayson
L-Last Vacation as a couple? went to Vegas in October w/my family before Grayson was born
M-Morning person or night owl? definately night owl! it's a struggle every day to get him out of bed! :)
N-Number of Siblings? one brother Jordan
O-OCD or sloppy? he's a perfectionist with projects he does, but a little sloppy around the house
P-Pet Peeves? stupid drivers -- if you talk to him while he's driving, you will frequently hear "what the heck?!" and "why are people so stupid?!" etc.
Q-Quiet or Loud? quiet
R-Restaurant? Training Table, TGI Fridays, Chili's, The Lion's Den
S-Sports? Swimming, raquetball
T-Tight wad or spender? spender -- but a smart spender -- he takes a long time in researching before he makes a big purchase!
U-Unknown Fact about him? a lot of people think he's just a quiet guy, which he is, but he is actually very silly when he's around friends!
V-Vegetables? green beans and corn -- have to pull teeth to get him to eat anything else
W-Worst Habit? taking his socks off where ever he happens to be -- I find random socks in the weirdest places!!!
X-Xtra Curricular activities in high school? swimming, track
Y-Your favorite things about him? everything! he's wonderful! He's very understanding and willing to help. and he always makes me laugh! and his bum! :D
Z-Zodiac Sign? Aries

I tag whoever wants to play :)


Torman said...

If Jordan broke an ATV, I can fix it!!!

Carlee Hoopes said...

I found your blog from Cassi's blog and I used to live by Steve when we were both young. Anyway, I am pretty sure you just described my husband with this post. He's an internet programmer and I'm amazed at how much he has in common with Steve....especially E, H, M, O, P, T, and W! Weird!