Friday, March 20, 2009

A Fun Day at the Park!

Yay for warm weather! We have been enjoying it! Warm weather means that Steve gets to ride his scooter to work, which means that I get the car! So we've been able to actually LEAVE the house = wonderful! We drove over to my mom's house yesterday, then went on a walk with her up to Mt. Ogden Park by her house! We had lots of fun! He loved the slide, but I didn't really get a good picture of him going down it. He wasn't quite sure about the swing -- he alternated between giggling and crying! But then my mom sat down on a bench by the river, and for some reason, that bench was more exciting than anything else in the park. It was hilarious to watch him -- he'd pound on it, try to climb on it, play with the bolts on it. Silly little guy! Then he found a stick on the ground that was infinitely interesting as well. Don't you just love to see the things little kids find fascinating? It amuses me! Then my mom threw sticks down the river for Gray to watch -- he liked that, too -- but I can't seem to find those pictures -- I'll post them as soon as I find them. But here are the pics I COULD find! I love the ones where he's crouching down -- I LOVE the way little kids look when they crouch down :) Anyway, there's a lot of pictures, but what can I say, I think this kid is the cutest guy ever :)


anne said...

I had so much fun ! Gray was on such an adventure - was so entertaining to watch his awe - - and discovery. Thanks for let me tag along ! Those are great pics and capture the memory so well !

Amy said...

He looks so cute in his little shorts and hat! And I totally love how kids usually end up liking "boring" things better than the toys. Who would think a bench could be so fun! Makes you wonder why we spend any money on toys in the first place :) So cute!

Katie said...

Such cute pictures! I love how kids are amused by such simple things!!