Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Steve-o!!

Yesterday was Steve's birthday! He's 27 now!! Yay! Happy Birthday, lovey! We didn't take any pictures of anything we did yesterday, so here are some random pics of Steve! :) Steve is the best husband/best daddy/best friend in the whole world!! He is so thoughtful and considerate of others, he's always willing to help anyone and everyone who asks. He is always so supportive of me and does anything to make me happy :) He is incredibly smart and talented in so many ways! Gray and I are so lucky to have him in our lives!! Me especially ;)!! We love you, Steve-o!!! Happy Birthday!!


Kandis & Derek said...

WE love you too Steve! Happy Birthday!

anne said...

Happy Bday to our Steve-0 ! Yes we LOVE YOU too ! we are very thankful you are our son-in-law - that you are such a great daddy and husband to our loved ones - - you are such a great guy in too many ways to list here - - but we do appreciate you SO VERY VERY MUCH !!!

Sarah and Trent said...

Happy happy birthday Steve. Thanks for being a great hubby to my sista Sam. Hope you had a fantastic one!