Monday, March 30, 2009

At the Park with Nana!

I finally found the rest of the park pictures!! These are pics of Gray and my mom by the stream at the park! He loves his Nana -- she's one of his very favorite people!! She was throwing sticks down the stream, and he was fascinated watching them float away! Thanks, Nana, for all the fun times! Let's hope the weather gets warm again so we can go play again soon! :)


anne said...

Oh I loved that day - thanks for capturing the moment to save ! I hope we can go soon - was so wonderful to have that sunshine instead of SNOW ! LOVE YOU - - -

anne said...

Oh - and Grayson is one of MOST very favorite people in the whole world !

Unknown said...

Grayson is so lucky to have such a great Nana!!! I think she is amazing myself.