Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've been tagged again!

Two Names You go by:
1. Samantha
2. Sam/Mantha/Sami/Mama :) -- I have so many more than 2!!

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Gray capris
2. red t-shirt with very fashionable spit-up stains on it

Two Things You Want Right Now:
1. Sleeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. To read the next Twilight book! So very close......

Two Things You Did Last Night:
1. Did laundry. It's amazing how much extra laundry comes along with such a small person...
2. Woke up every two-three hours to feed my ever-growing chubb of a boy

Two Things You Ate today:
1. Cookie dough!! Yummmmm
2. Honey nut Cheerios

Two Favorite Drinks:
1. Lemonade
2. Lime Rickey

Five People I'm Tagging: (why is this one 5? every other one is just 2! Lame...)
1. Sarah and/or TP
2. Bex
3. Jessica and/or Adam
4. Kandis Jo
5. KoriAnn


Becky said...

Hey bum,
I already did this tag, but I'm too lazy to find it in my archives. If you want to read it, just type Meme in the search box, and you'll find it. But I"m not that interesting. Love you.

Emily said...

Hey guess what! I just tagged you :) Its a different tagged though, so check it out on my blog! He he, sorry you have to do another one! Love ya!