Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby carrier!

Steve and I have been doing a lot of yardwork lately, and that is quite a hard task when you have a 5-month-old that thinks Mama has to hold him every second of the day!! Baby carrier to the rescue! Gray (usually) loves being in the baby wrap -- I'm still holding him, right?! But I usually strap him to my front, with him facing out. Well, that would not work with the yardwork, so I decided to try strapping him to my back (this is the great thing about the wraps -- you can strap him however you want to!!). We started out right...........But Gray was very wiggly, as always, and I was bending over and twisting a lot, AND I couldn't see him! So all the sudden, Steve starts laughing and says "Wait! Let me get the camera!", then takes these pictures! He just told me Grayson was asleep and so cute! Gray still felt pretty secure, though I could tell he was a little lower on my back! So I kept working, all the while not knowing that Gray was like this!!

Thanks, Steve, for not telling me! He thought it was so funny! I didn't know until I saw the pictures that he was so close to falling out!! And smooshed! Look at his poor fat cheeks!! But he slept for quite a while, so it must have not been too uncomfortable! And he didn't fall, so it was all okay! And it made for some pretty funny pictures! :)

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Ben, KoriAnn, Brighton & Bristol said...

How funny! He is very cute! I am glad that he didn't fall out, but that is one priceless picture.