Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Sweet Boys!

For all of you who think we're crazy for having a pit bull when we have a little baby -- look how incredibly sweet he is! I thought it was so adorable finding him snuggling with Gray last night! (Please forgive the messy bed/room! :S) Ollie is so sweet with baby Grayson -- he's very protective and snuggly -- and has never once shown any aggression towards him! He's actually kind of his second mother -- he 'frets' when the baby cries, and will actually come get me if I don't go pick the baby up right away when he fusses. Then he has to lick whatever part of him he can get to -- trying to comfort the little guy! SO SWEET! I love my boys!! :)


harmony marie said...

Cute pics! I know the feeling, dogs and kids are the best(I only know about the dog part so far but still) they go so well together. If you guys have any WII games you guys think will be fun on the projectorer bring that! Maybe some jello salad too! We're excited to see you guys there!!

Sarah and Trent said...

Ahhhh I want to snuggle him right now too. It was so cute how Ollie was protective of your belly when you were still pregnant too!

Amy said...

Cute! Your baby is seriously so beautiful! I bet you guys are having so much fun!