Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holding his own

When I'm at work or away, Steve gives Grayson a bottle of pumped milk. This isn't often, so Steve was surprised when the last time he fed him, Gray grabbed the bottle and fed himself! How did he just learn this all the sudden -- out of the blue?! Smart little bugger :)
After he was done, Gray put the bottle 'away' then went to sleep! Hehe, I'm so funny! That was Steve's handiwork, actually! But a very cute picture!! :)


Torman said...

oh this is always such a great milestone because it is so nice when they can start doing some things on their own, but it is always very sad too because they are growing up!! Grrrr!! Watch out he will be going off to pre-school before you know it!!!

Sarah and Trent said...

I just knew today you'd have some new pictures for me. heheee so very cute!! I love the ones of your boys in blue. Gray's eyes, yet again beautiful beautiful!!! I'm glad he didn't fall out.