Monday, April 12, 2010

Running in the Sun!

I LOVE these guys! :) I'm the luckiest gal in the world!!!!

We are LOVING the warm(er) weather -- Gray would stay outside all day day, every day -- if I let him :) And his daddy loves to play outside, too! :)
Steve was holding Grayson's hands and running, so Gray's feet would barely touch the ground -- Gray kept saying "FAST! FAST!" -- poor Steve ran back and forth across the yard soooo many times! He got his workout in that night :)

Of course, Gray can run pretty fast all by himself! He is so cute -- he gets the most determined look on his face, and concentrates so hard!

He was laughing SO hard!

Ollie thought this was all quite exciting, too!

I LOVE this one :) He's such a gangsta:

This is usually how Gray throws a ball: he does the "no-look" pass -- looks at the ball out the corner of his eye, throwing the ball to the side. Or over his head.

But his daddy IS teaching him how to throw correctly -- he's getting better :)

Oh the EYELASHES!!!!!!!!!!

Man, does this kid EVER slow down????!!! he doesn't.

Oh man these boys are fun :)


Kandis & Derek said...

You have a little track star on your hands there. So adorable! We missed you at lunch last week-hope you are feeling better.

Amy said...

Oh the energy of boys, they need to send some my way!

Adam And Jessica said...

He is super cute. I miss you guys tons we need to get together soon.