Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Animal Days

What a fun day! Gray, Nana, Auntie Sarah, Rowan, and I headed up to Logan today to go to the Baby Animal Days at the American Heritage Center! And boy, oh boy, Gray was in HEAVEN!!!!! He RAN everywhere, and couldn't stop shouting and pointing and making animal sounds :) SO fun!
Here he is with the piglets ("pig-gies!!")

"Baaaa"ing at the sheep

This sheep liked Gray -- as soon as it saw him, it trotted (do sheep trot?!) right over, stuck it's nose right through the slats, and tried to sniff him :)

The cute rabbits! Gray didn't actually want to hold them, or pet them, but he loved looking! :)

Fun chickens! I love how he says chicken sounds - "Bawk ba-GAWK!"

With the goats -- these are the first things we saw, and he was LOVING IT -- then he was chasing one of them around these rocks, and it jumped right in front of him -- very close -- and startled him! He started screaming, and we left the pen after that :)

Cute baby Rowan with the goat

Gray LOVED the horses -- kept neighing at them, saying "BIIIIIG!!!", etc :) We spent most of the time right there by the horses!

If this face doesn't say "beyond-excited toddler", I don't know what does!

Gray loved the horses so much, he kept running away from me -- seriously RUNNING as fast as he could -- to go back to them :)

The highlight of the trip: the "COW!!!!"

Gray was looking for cows all day -- we finally found them at the end -- The volunteer let him into the pen, and I didn't think I would ever get him out again!!! He loved that cow!! :)

There were also the CUTEST baby bears -- but I was carrying Grayson at that point, and didn't get any pictures. They were adorable though! (OO - Sarah just sent me a picture she took! Behold the cuteness!!!!)

The animals are only there until Sunday, so go SOON!! :) Well worth it! What a great day! Gray is STILL talking about it!!


Sarah and Trent said...

Yes!! So fun. Thanks for having this great idea. I bet Grayson just keeps saying COW HORSE, over and over. I'm glad he took such a good nap for ya after too!

Ty and Ber said...

So cute and so fun. You are such a good mom.

Katie said...

How fun!! I wish we could go!! Those pics are so cute!

Camille said...

I heard about that and from your pictures I wish we would have went!!! HOW fun!!! That baby bear is adorable.