Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They're Gonna Be Best Friends!

Grayson's future best friend Jackson is here!! Steve's best friend since forever, Tyson, and his wife Jacque just had their first baby on the 6th! He is the cutest thing!! He has so much hair! We got to go over and hold him for a bit last Friday, and here are some of the pics! Grayson was so funny about Jackson -- I think he kind of scared him! Every time the baby would get close to him, Gray would start whimpering and making the saddest face! Silly boy! He just doesn't know what good friends they're going to be later :)! Steve is one year older than Tyson, too! It's so perfect :D Congrats to the Barker family on your newest addition!

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Amy said...

What a cute baby! Samantha Grayson is seriously sooooo darling! I always just die over his pictures we should get our boys together sometime, I think they'd have fun, maybe this summer when Boen is walking and we can go to the park!