Friday, February 27, 2009

I LOVE........

Here's a fun tag, and it's pretty darn simple: name 50 things you LOVE! And it is 50 THINGS, not people. I'm just going to type them as I think of them, so they're not in any order. Here I go:
1. I love seeing my baby smile when he first sees me in the morning.
2. I love hearing my baby laugh. And I love that he laughs at the weirdest things sometimes -- he's getting his own little sense of humor!
3. I love hearing my husband play the piano - especially the songs he's written. And I love when Grayson "sings" along when is daddy is playing! So sweet!
4. I love it how Gray kicks his feet when he's eating something he likes. And how he says "Nummm numm nummm"
5. I love Oreos.
6. I love Cake Batter ice cream!
7. I love when my doggie snuggles with me under the covers at night
8. I love thunder storms!!
9. I love rain - the sound, the smell, the feel!!
10. I love shoes -- especially boots!!!
11. I love scrapbooking.
12. I love going to my mom's house for Sunday dinner!
13. I love watching my husband play with Grayson.
14. I love watching my parents, siblings, and Steve's parents play with Gray.
15. I love when Steve takes the baby for a few hours so I can take a nap!
16. I love hot showers!
17. I love sweaters. And I love Fall because you get to wear sweaters!!!
18. I love playing the "I'm gonna get you!" game with Gray and hearing him squeal, and watch him try to run!
19. I love the feeling you get when you accomplish something you've worked really hard on.
20. I love making things myself.
21. I love baking!
22. I love eating the things that I bake!
23. I love snuggling with my baby.
24. I love snuggling with my hubby!
25. I love(D) when my baby slept with us in our bed - I miss him now that he sleeps in his own crib!!
26. I love breastfeeding my baby -- I'm weaning him now, and only feed him at bedtime and first thing in the morning, and I miss feeding him more! I'm going to be sad when he's totally weaned! :(
27. I love(D) being a nurse -- I'm kinda sad now that I can't really say that I'm a nurse -- I was really proud of being able to say that when people asked "What do you do?" -- BUT...
28. I love being a stay-at-home mom! Wouldn't change it for the world!
29. I love how Gray sticks his bum in the air when he sleeps.
30. I love how since we've been married, Steve has never gone a day without telling me he loves me!!
31. I love when Grayson says "Mama!"
32. I love when Grayson gives me hugs and kisses.
33. I love taking pictures/looking at pictures! Such fun memories!
34. I love drinking milk!!!
35. I love being a MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
36. I love laughing!
37. I love the mountains -- don't think I could live anywhere that didn't have mountains -- they mean "home" to me!
38. I love hanging out at home with my family -- nothing in the world could be better!
39. I love holidays.
40. I love the days Steve gets to stay home!
41. I love shopping! Well, I love to buy things... there's a difference
42. I love traveling, but I haven't done much of it!
43. I love to learn - but I don't like taking tests.
44. I love playing the "kissy monster" game with Gray -- our own version of the 'tickle montster' and hearing him giggle before I even start the kissing -- and how he tries to 'get me' back! Usually a big, huge, wet, open-mouthed smacker that drenches my whole cheek! And he's usually giggling uncontrollably when he does it, too! It's the cutest ever!
45. I love blogging and reading everyone else's blogs!
46. I love dolls and stuffed animals.
47. I love going on dates with my hubby.
48. I love being with family and friends.
49. I love the Book of Mormon.
50. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

Ok, I tag Sarah, Bex, Jessica, Harmony, and Kandis! And anyone else that wants to do this!!! :)

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