Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let the Festivities Begin!!!

Grayson's first birthday is this Wednesday, so we started the celebrations yesterday! Grayson had his very first First Birthday party!! We had a party with my family, since my sister and brother-in-law were in town. Gray had his first birthday cake, and LOVED it!! I made him a teddy bear cupcake puzzle cake -- this was my first attempt at making a birthday cake, so it's not quite professional, but I think it turned out pretty cute!!! :D Gray got lots of fun new books (he LOVES books!), some new clothes, and some fun new toys!! Thanks to all my family for all the fun times!!

Momma and the Birthday Boy!!

Daddy and the upside-down Birthday Boy! :)

He loved his balloons!

Birthday boy!!!

My sweet boy -- look at those cheeks!!

Showin' off the cute "1st Birthday" shirt before it gets covered in cake. Doesn't he have the sweetest smile?!

Big laughs! He always laughs when Uncle JD plays with him! What a fun uncle!!

The teddy bear puzzle cake! It's a bunch of different-shaped cupcakes put together to make a bear! I know most of you could have done better (a LOT better : Becky!) but I'm pretty proud of it anyway :) Did I mention that I actually had to make the cake twice? After I made the first one, I covered it, left it on the counter, then went to pick up the birthday balloons. When we came home, alllll the cupcake holders were on the floor -- Ollie had jumped the baby gate and eaten the entire cake. I had gotten out of the habit of putting things away, because the gate used to keep Ollie out of the kitchen, but he has recently learned that he can jump it. Needless to say, I was very much not happy. And today Ollie has a tummy ache. Serves him right :)

Gray's face when he first saw the cake! Priceless!!

Giving him his very first piece of cake!! Look at that face -- he's in awe!!

He went for the sprinkles first. Dove right in!! No hesitation!

Lovin' the cupcake -- He kept peeking at me out of the corner of his eye to see if I was going to take it away from him! He was plowin through it fast just in case :)

He kept saying "Nummmm" -- and he kept smacking his lips! So cute!

Frosting face! This was as messy as he got -- he was actually quite tidy! I was impressed!

Opening his presents!

He was pretty serious about it! Concentrated so hard on getting that paper off!

Happy Birthday, Little Mister! We love you!!


Unknown said...

First I can't believe he is 1 already! Where did that year go. He is so cute and that cake you made was wonderful, I don't think anyone could have done ay better. You did great!!! Happy Birthday little Grayson! We love you!!!

anne said...

OH what a fun time we had ! I can't believe he is ONE now - but he gets cuter every day - - I just love every day w/ the Grayson ! Your cake and all the festivities were perfect Mantha - great little party - I loved it all ! Happy Birthday little guy - We sure love you !!!!

Chris said...

Aw, Samantha, he is so darling!!! It looks like the party was awesome :)

Katie said...

Happy birthday Grayson!! I can't believe he is already one!!!! What a cute boy! And that cake is freakin awesome!!! I have to order all my cakes, I have no cake decorating skills. I hope Grayson has a fun birthday week :)

Amy said...

Seriously? 1? Seriously... I cannot believe it! He is such a darling little guy! Happy Birthday little Grayson!

Amy said...

He is so cute!! The first birthday is so much fun! And what a great day to have a birthday! February 25th is the best day. Have fun!

Adam And Jessica said...

i glad the cake made it to your moms house with out being eaten for a second time by good old Olie. happy bday gray.