Monday, December 29, 2008

Grayson's First Christmas!

Me and my favorite little baby!!! So sweet!
Gray and his Dad sporting their great spikey hair do's!
Opening presents with Grandma Jeanne!
"Where's Santa?!"
My gorgeous Lladro that Steve's dad picked out for me! I'm so impressed!! He says it reminded him of me and Grayson! :)
The snowman everyone built at Grandma Oka's house! (Notice Steve's addition of the snow-ball-gun arms!)
Gray, Momma, and my favorite new boot slippers!
I used to think there was no such thing as a bad picture of Grayson, but lo and behold, he proved me wrong! But it's still so darn cute you can't help but smile!!! Am I wrong?! I just hope this "stink-eye" look doesn't continue into adolescense!!!
"OOOO! Look at all my presents!!!!!!!!!!!" (actually, this is the look he always gets whenever he stands up by himself! And he grunts -- uuuoooof!! Such a tough guy!)
For some reason, whenever we're at my mom's house, he HAS to climb through her dining room chairs. And he ALWAYS gets stuck. Then he gets frustrated! But he always has to keep doing it! Such a silly boy!!!
Big smiles!! So happy it's Christmas!!!!!
My mom, sister Sarah, and me in our new Christmas Eve jammies!. And yes, that is me, being fatter than my pregnant sister. Shut up.
Grayson, Uncle JD, and my cousin Katie's boy Keegan (he's a month older than Gray, and look how much bigger Gray is!!) Don't mind JD's evil-look. He makes it his mission in life to always make a face in every picture ever taken of him. :P
Me and my Christmas baby! And my new hat! I love it! I made the flower brooch on the side -- isn't it cute?! I think so, anyway :)
Our cute little family at Christmas breakfast! Gray loves being a 'big boy' and sitting in the high chair at the table!

What a fun time of year! I LOVE Christmas -- it's my favorite! We had a LOT of places to go Christmas/Christmas Eve -- everyone wanted their time with baby Gray, of course! :) But he handled it like a champ, and we had lots of fun! We visited FIVE different places on Christmas Day! But it was so fun to see all the family! :) We got to talk to Steve's brother Jordan -- he's on his mission in Cleveland, Ohio right now! He's been out for almost a year now! It was good to hear from him! Of course, both sets of grandparents totally SPOILED Grayson -- he got so many toys! I think I'm going to stash some of them away and bring them out later! He doesn't need all of them right now! :) Our favorite gifts: Steve got a GPS from his parents, and an awesome watch from me :) I got a gorgeous Lladro figure from Steve's parents, the Wii Fit from Steve, and the cutest watch from my mom, and the cutest, softest boot slippers that I LIVE in now :); Grayson got everything a 10-month-old could ever want! So of course he couldn't pick just one! :) hehe! But MY favorite Grayson present is his Lion Walker toy -- Gray is SO close to walking, and he tries to just GO all the time, so we got him a walker that he pushes in front of him as he walks, and he LOVES IT! He just squeals with laughter every time he walks with it! He got the hang of it SO fast, and now he is all over the place with it! It won't be long til he's walking without it!! Oh, and I'm so excited for the freezer Scott and Jeanne gave us, too! Wow, we got so spoiled!!! It was so fun to watch Grayson with everything going on -- he was so tentative with his presents -- I kept trying to get him to rip the paper, but he'd just pull on it til it tore a little, then stop and look at me like, "Oh, sorry! I'm not supposed to do that!!!" He was so cute! Thanks to everyone for all the Christmas festivities and fun! And for the awesome Monkey Bread, Momma!!!! mmmmmmm! :)


Jennifer said...

ohhh, he can stand up. we are still waiting for Brylee to figure that one out. Looks like Christmas was awesome

April said...

what a great Christmas, loving those boots. THanks for the shout out. You are the best as always, oh and if you don't mind, I finally added a picture of Gray on my sweet ruby blog. I may add more later if its ok.
OH my and he is standing? Oh Mantha he is getting so big.

Amy said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! Isn't it better with kids??? Grayson is so darling! I love the hat! I also love the funny snowman!!!

Emily said...

I still can't get over how beautiful his eyes are! Looks like you had a great Christmas and I'm sure little Grayson got so spoiled!

Be sure to check out my blog and see if you will be able to make it to the girls night coming up! :)

Sarah and Trent said...

ahhhh the cutest post! If I turned sideways on that pajamas picture Mantha it's a different story. :)
Gray does look so cute in every picture!! Even the funny eye one.

anne said...

ah yes - was a great time ! I loved watching Gray's first christmas adventure - - and you and steve were as fun to watch so enthralled with every move and smile he made ! LOVED IT ALL - loved the blog - it captures it all !!! love, the momma

Anonymous said...

How fun! Your little guy is growing up so fast! Looks like such fun...