Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Survey

1) Wrapping paper or gift bags? Sam: paper! bags the rest of the year, but ya gotta have wrapped gifts under the tree! Steve: wrapping paper. I like to tear the paper with my teeth. just kidding.
2) Real tree or artificial? Sam: artificial. much much easier. ours is even pre-lit! And then ya get a really good pine-scented candle!!! Steve: artificial. Go hike to see the real trees if you must.
3) When do you put up the tree? Sam: as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. Steve: after you're on break (from school/work) -- then it's officially "the holidays"
4) When do you take the tree down? Sam: New Years Steve: after New Years -- Jan 2nd
5) Do you like eggnog? Sam: YUUUUUUUUM!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! Steve: NO.
6) Favorite gift received as a child? Sam: my American girl doll, Samantha! I remember that's when I REALLY knew that Santa was real, because I didn't think my parents could afford to get her for me. Don't know why I thought that, but I did. It was proof enough for me!! Oh, and the trunk my Grandpa made me to hold all her clothes! Steve: a giant stuffed "Gummi Bear" --from the TV show -- I can't really think of anything special I got.
7) Hardest person to buy for? Sam: my dad. He always just gets himself what he wants whenever he wants it. Steve: Jordan. He never likes what you get him. Always wants something better.
8) Easiest person to buy for? Sam: Grayson. It was way too easy to find too many things for him!! :) And Steve -- I always know lots of things I want to get him, and I usually can't get them all! Steve: Sam. I just buy her a bunch of stuff spontaneously.
9) Do you have a nativity scene? Sam: I have 3 full sets, and I'm working on another one. And I have a nativity in a snow globe. Oh, and Grayson has his own, too. Steve: I have a He-man collection.
10) Mail or e-mail Christmas cards? Sam: mail is best. I haven't managed to get mine out yet, though -- whoops! Steve: mail.
11) Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Sam: I can't really think of one!!!! Steve: an empty can of Pringles -- empty because Jordan ate them first.
12) Favorite Christmas movie? Sam: the old claymation ones -- Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, the Little Drummer Boy, etc. Steve: Miracle on 42nd Street
13) When do you start shopping for Christmas? Sam: in November. I had most of my shopping done by Thanksgiving, then just had a few little things left. I'm all done now! Booyah!! Steve: April 14th. (wow! what an organized guy!!)
14) Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Sam: nope. Steve: all the time.
15) Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Sam: MONKEY BREAD!!! mmmmmm I want some right now!! my mom makes the BEST breakfast on Christmas morning!!! Steve: PEZ
16) Lights on the tree? Sam: I like the white ones -- looks much cleaner, and shows off the ornaments better. But I like colored ones on the house best. Steve: white
17) Favorite Christmas song? Sam: Silent Night. and Baby it's Cold Outside. Steve: This one. ("I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day -- but only the version by Casting Crowns)
18) Travel at Christmas or stay home? Sam: Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays! Steve: Travel only to friends' and family's homes -- just to visit. Like to wake up at home on Christmas morning.
19) Can you name all of Santa's Reindeer? Sam: absolutely! Have been able to since I was little! Steve: yes.
20) Angel on the tree top or a star? Sam: star! for sure! We have a big shiny red one! I love it! Steve: star
21) Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? Sam: jammies on Christmas Eve, then the rest on Christmas day! Steve: Christmas Morning.
22) Most annoying thing about Christmastime? Sam: the TRAFFIC! I hate it! You can't find a parking place anywhere. And everyone is grouchy! I do most of my shopping online for these exact reasons!!! Steve: carolers
23) Favorite ornament/theme colors? Sam: I made baby Gray handprint ornaments from salt dough this year! They're adorable!!! Steve: I like white.
24) Favorite for Christmas dinner? Sam: we don't really have a formal dinner. Just kinda snack all day after the wonderful breakfast :) Steve: steak and crab
25) What do you want for Christmas this year? Sam: to watch my baby open his first ever Christmas presents!!!!! Steve: a gyronimatron 3000. and a Snickers bar.

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Sarah and Trent said...

chuckle chuckle, I'm dying at Steve's answers. I'm excited for MONKEY BREAD Christmas morning too! yum yum, the countdown is on