Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cedar City fun!

We went to Cedar City last weekend to go to the Shakespearean Festival! It's my FAVORITE thing! We try to go every year -- and it's the highlight of my year, seriously! This year we went with my mom, dad and Aunt Janet (she came down from Washington just to go! So fun!). My mom and Steve traded turns watching Gray -- they don't let babies in to the plays. I was lucky, though -- I got to see 4 plays! Fiddler on the Roof (probably my favorite this year!), Two Gentlemen of Verona (very good, very funny -- the dog was the best part!), School for Wives (good, but a little long-winded and wordy in parts), and Taming of the Shrew (my all-time favorite Shakespeare play, but the lady playing Kate really bugged me! So that kind of ruined it for me :P) It was so much fun -- thanks Mom for everything!! Here are some pics from the trip:

Cute Baby Gray in the bed! He looks so little! But he's getting SO big! He is now 19#6 oz! And he's only 6 months old! My mom says I was only 16 lbs when I was TWO YEARS old! Wow, how big is this kid gonna get?!

Cute little shy smile! :)

Playing with the mirror! I LOVE that his hair is long enough for me to style now!! So cute!

Posing with Daddy! My two favorite boys in the world!!

We went to Cedar Breaks while we were down there, too! Here we are off-roading through the meadow. Can I just say that I LOVE my Bugaboo stroller?! It handled it SO well!! And Gray didn't seem to mind all the bumps and rocks -- gotta love the shocks on that thing! This is Gray, me, my momma, Aunt Janet, and my dad -- Steve is taking the picture.

So not cute of me, but look at that gorgeous redrock! My favorite!

We had to get a family picture of us all in our stylish shades! Hehe! And we're all wearing blue, too! I promise we didn't plan that!!

While we were there at Cedar Breaks, they released a rehabbed golden eagle back into the wild! It was so cool to see! The eagle was gorgeous -- and huge!

We got Grayson this adorable T-shirt -- you can't really see it, but it says "To Cry, or Not To Cry"! Haha I love it!!!

We also bought Gray this cutest dragon -- it has the sweetest little face!

Swimming in the hotel pool -- Grayson is such a fish -- so like his Dad -- he loves the water! He stayed in there for a good hour at least -- splashing and kicking and squealing! So much fun!


Becky said...

How fun! I love the Shakespearean Festival. I can't believe you were only 16 pounds when you were 21!! Do you remember how much I weighed when I was BORN??? Not much less than that! Grayson is getting cuter every time I see him!!

Becky said...

*oops- I meant to say you were 16 pounds when you were 2, not 21. You know what I mean. Love ya.

Carley said...

Aww, Grayson is adorable! I've never been to the Shakesperean Festival. Can you believe that? Oh, and there is hope for your back. Lincoln was 24 lbs at 6 months old, and he *just* hit 27 lbs now, and he is 21 months. He really slowed down after 6 months. Of course Savannah didn't and she was 28 lbs on her first birthday, so you never know what he'll do.

derek said...

Cedar City! Sigh, it made Derek and I miss it, all the places we used to live by. I wish i could have gone to see Fiddler on the Roof! That's one of my favorites. The plays are awesome there. Glad you guys had fun!

Tiffany West said...

We went to the festival for our honeymoon and sadly havn't been back since, it's great that you go every year!
You have such a cute boy!

The Medsker Family said...

The Shakespearean Festival sounds like so much fun! We've never been, but hopefully one day. ;-) Grayson is so cute! I love all the pictures. Mike was telling me about his cute knees when he was sitting by you in church today.

anne said...

the best part tho - was tending and playing w/Gray. Thanks for going w/ us and for sharing the great pics! It was such fun to go w/ you and the fam.
Love, the momma

ovjamaica said...

Sounds like a fun time. =) My parents go down to the festival every year and love it! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures too. Your little guy is just adorable.

Sarah and Trent said...

I'm so happy to see the pics. I'll definitely want me one of those awesome off-roader Bugaboos! I loved all your descriptions of your favorite baby things.