Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Animal Days

Our family ventured up to Logan today to the American West Heritage Center for Baby Animal Days.  There were a TON of people there, so we didn't get to see the baby bears or ride the train. But we DID get to have a ton of fun.  We saw lots of adorable animals, and even got to hold and pet some! Grayson even got to ride the mechanical bull!

T is always a climber.  He had to climb all the fences. 
Mr. Pouty and Mr. Sassy posing it up.  HA! :D

Thatcher and his cousin DeeDee are so cute -- the love each other!  They had to  hold hands the whole time. 

Petting the calf

Petting a piglet. Gray said this was his favorite animal of the day

Daddy and Avy.  And a peacock.

Avy Jane was fascinated by the chickens

Avy and I loved the bunnies.  We want one now. :D

Daddy, Avy, and some cows.

Avy Jane loves her Nani :)

Thatcher got to hold this chick. He was so sweet and soft with it -- and kept saying "peep peep peep" to it in this tiny soft voice.  It was so cute!

Grayson got to hold a duckling!

Daddy helped a little bit :)
Grayson REALLY wanted to ride the bull -- we couldn't believe it! He did great! I was so  proud of him. 

Such a proud little guy :)

We stopped at Maddox Drive-in on the way home. Gray got a HUGE hotdog.  He loved it :)

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