Friday, March 28, 2014

Kids say the cutest things :)

I love the ages my kids are right now. They're so cute, and so funny! I especially love the things they say. I wanted to write down some of my favorite things, so I don't forget them.
Grayson is very articulate, and knows a lot of big words, but he still mispronounces some words in the cutest ways. He says remember as "benember", something as "sumplin", and sometimes says an extra "-ed" at the end of words, like "I playded". We're working on that one :) 

Thatcher has the cutest little voice ever -- everything he says is adorable. I especially love that he uses the word "cute" instead of "little". And "bigger bigger bigger" instead of "big". For example: "I don't want the cute cookie, I want the bigger bigger bigger cookie!"

(6/4/14) Avy Jane is starting to babble a lot -- and she has a few things she says consistently. She says "dada" and "daddle", which is my favorite :). She says "mommmmommm". And she calls the boys "buh-buh", which I'm assuming is brother. She says "doh" for doll. She also has the best giggle ever. 
(8/13/14): She now also says duck, dog/woof, baby, Avy, Nani, daddy, no, out, dat (that), bink (binky), dink (drink), cat, uh-uh (uh-oh), cah-cah (yucky), and even says a few short sentences!! "Daddy, go out!" (Which means she wants daddy to take her outside),"Avy, baby!" (Which means she wants her baby doll), "Mommy up!" (Which means she wants me to pick her up 

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