Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Avy Jane!

My wonderful little baby girl is ONE YEAR OLD! I can't believe it. She is delightful. :) 

We had a small party at our house with our families. Avy had so much fun! 

Mommy and Avy Jane 
Like father, like daughter 
I made her a little cake just for her 
Cupcakes for everyone else. 
These are all her monthly photos -- it was fun to see them all lined up. Crazy how much she's grown and changed in a year! 
Garland with some of Avy's one year pics. 
Avy Jane loved her presents -- especially the fun ribbons :) 
She had lots of help opening her gifts 
Super hero girls from the Larsons, jewelry from Aunt Jess and Uncle Jordan, princess stable toy from Grandma and Grandpa Wayment 
Tea set from Uncle JD and fam 
The Runaway Bunny book from Ama

Walker stroller from Nani and Poppa Lowe. 
She was so cute with her cake. She loved it! She really liked playing with the frosting and squishing it in her hands. 
She kept leaning forward, trying to get to it, but the cake stand was in the way. 
She could get to it easier when it was on her tray.  
That's a happy girl! 
Proud parents with the birthday girl! 
Avy Jane after her post-cake bath. With Nani and Ama. 
Everyone who came to the party signed her birthday plate and left sweet little messages for her. 

Playing with her balloons (the next day)

Here's to leaving baby-hood behind!! Happy Birthday, Avy Jane! 

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anne said...

I loved this birthday gala ! perfect in every way - especially that the birthday girl had SO MUCH FUN ! She was happy every minute and just acted like she knew every thing was just for her. So adorable - great pictures too ! LOVE YOU MY AVY JANE