Monday, March 24, 2014

Avy Jane is 10 months old!

Oh my, this little girl is wonderful.  She is getting so big, so fast. Here's a little about our baby girl:
- She says "dada", "mama", "buh-buh" ("brother" -- when she sees one of her brothers), "dah" (doll), and "nah-nah" (for nonies -- that's what we call it when she nurses). She also signs 'milk' and 'all done'.
- She is SO close to crawling. She can scoot herself pretty much where she wants to go, but no tummy-off-the-floor crawling yet. 
- Her bottom middle two teeth are both coming in -- sooo close to breaking through. 
- She loves Baby Einstein and Baby Signing Time. And My Little Ponies. 
- She loves dolls and shoes -- my girly girl! :D
- She's eating solid food like a champ, but still gets most of her nutrition from nursing. She loves to feed herself from the refillable food pouches I have. She loves peas and crackers. 
- She sticks one foot straight up in the air every time she nurses. (I feed her lying down in bed). She also likes to grab fistfuls of my boob, or pat my boob or face. 
- She loves her brothers, and they sure love her right back. She is Grayson's little darling, and he loves to make her laugh. 
- She's still sleeping in our bed, with occasional naps in her bassinet. 
- She hates getting dressed or getting her diaper change. Anything that involves lying down when she's not sleeping or nursing. 
- She claps and squeals with delight when she sees her daddy ❤️
- She belly-laughs when Steve lays his head down on her tummy.  Apparently it's hilarious.
- She sings with me whenever I sing her lullabies. 
- She likes to listen to Chester See while she falls asleep. If she's fussy, playing his YouTube videos will calm her right down. I think she has a crush on him. 
- She is the sweetest, happiest, snuggliest baby ever. I love it. I love HER!

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