Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun at Willard Bay

That's T, Jeanne, and Grayson on the beach, and Jordan wake boarding in the background

On Thursday we went to Willard Bay with Steve's family. We had a great time! Thatcher loved all the sand (well, the small gravel) and the seagulls. Grayson liked digging in the sand, too -- but he was also really brave and actually went in the water this time! He went out on the boat and wave runner, too. This is HUGE deal, because Gray hasn't gotten in water (except the bath tub) since he was a baby. He's always been terrified before, and hasn't gotten within a few feet of the water. I was so proud of him! And he loved it! In fact, he threw a huge tantrum when we made him get out -- which I much prefer to the tantrum he'd throw when we tried to get him IN. I'm cautiously hopeful that we'll have a summer full of boating and swimming pools that will actually be fun. :)

Cautious of the water at first, but that soon changed.

T loved chasing the seagulls!

Gray waded in to his ankles at first, and looked for cool rocks and shells

Getting a little braver....

I was SHOCKED when he went in to his waist! He's come a long way :)

T digging in the sand with the giant shovel

Gray loved the tube, especially when Uncle Jordan spun it around in circles with the Larson kids -- if you click on the pic to make it bigger, you will see he has a huge smile on his face! :)

Using a bucket as a drum

On the wave runner with Uncle Jordan

He loved it, and was asking to go again!
I loved T's floppy sun hat :)

T was very proud that he found water in the hole he dug -- "Oooo!"

Toddling away with a very sandy bum :)

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