Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carver's Cove

My mom heard about a fun little farm in Eden called Carver's Cove that lets you pet and feed all the animals. So we checked it out today! It was really hot, so we didn't stay too long, but we did have a great time while we were there! The boys loved all the animals! So cute and so fun!

Me showing Gray how to hold his hand to feed the goats (P.S. Goats kind of freak me out, so this was me being quite brave, I'll have you know!)

Gray was very brave also, and ended up loving it! Whenever we've gone to petting zoos before, he's never gotten even CLOSE to the animals. I was proud of him :)

T loved the chickens running all over the place. 

I loved the tiny little pygmy goats! They were just one day old!!!

The baby pygmy goats with their momma
This horse was so pretty -- it had blue eyes! I've never seen a horse with blue eyes before!

Llama llama llama!

The baby llama and baby T had quite the connection :)

Gray kept going back to feed the goats. They were his favorite :)

He always giggled when they licked the food up 

Following the chicken again. (hehe -- T gave my mom his hat, and she wore it most of the time :D)

T wasn't so sure if he liked feeding the goat...

He just went back to chasing the chicken.

He sat right down in the grass next to it, and hung out with it for a bit.

Nani and T snuggling a bunny

Nani and the bunny :)

Baby turkeys

These little piglets were so funny! These ones are bottle-fed, and they were hungry, so they kept nudging everyone. Gray thought it was funny that they thought Daddy was their mommy! :)

Their little noses were surprisingly hard! They meant business!

They even let the boys climb all over the tractors. Little boy heaven! :)

And here it is -- the cherry on top! Grayson actually RODE ON THE HORSE!! I could not believe he actually did it! He needed me next to him, but he did great! 
What a fun little place! I think we'll be going back! :)

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Sarah and Trent said...

aw fun!! Are we going back when I come up?!