Saturday, May 26, 2012

Preschool Memories

Here are some pictures from Grayson's first year of preschool! He went to the Wee Lads and Lassies preschool at Ben Lomond High with Miss Jill. He LOVED it -- he was always so happy when I'd tell him it was time for school.  Some of his favorite things about preschool were the Surprise Box, Cuddles, snack time (especially when he got to drink "red juice"), learning new songs (especially the Boa Constrictor Song, the Continents Song, and "I'm a Mean Old Witch With a Hat"), and when it was his turn to be the leader.  He's so excited that he gets to go back again next year!

Gray's very first day of preschool. He was so excited!
His first official school picture
The cute bulletin board
Gray loved the alphabet rug, and always wanted to sit on the G

His favorite toys at preschool -- the big dinosaur and animals (he's signing "tiger" in this photo)
His first bus ride! He was SO excited to ride the bus!

He got to ride the bus on the way to the zoo for a field trip 

He got to sit next to his friend Bridger Staley. And NO PARENTS went this time!  I was more nervous that he was, and he did great without me :)

Another field trip to Kangaroo Zoo

He didn't want to go down any of the slides, but he loved the flat areas he could just jump and run around in.

Gray helped me make these G cookies for his birthday treat, which also happened to be on the letter G day. In his favorite color, green, of course.

On Valentine's day

They got to decorate their own bags to put their Valentines in

Look at all that loot! That's one happy 4-year old!

Gray's favorite craft they did -- making squares out of marshmallows and toothpicks

He was so proud that he figured out how to make the squares into diamonds, too!

I love this picture :)

He dismantled all the squares and reassembled them for days

Being a jaguar at the Treehouse field trip

At the Dinosaur Park field trip -- with Cuddles, their "class pet" . Gray was always so excited when it was his turn to bring Cuddles home and take care of him.
The flower pot he made me for Mother's Day

The last day of preschool.  (He didn't want to stand still and take a picture)

His whole class

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Sarah and Trent said...

Cute!!! that bulletin board reminds me of all the coloring I used to do for Jill.. that style looks very familiar!