Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grayson's Preschool Program

Today was Grayson's program for preschool.  It took a lot of coaxing to get him onto the stage at first, and I had to go up and sit with him for a little bit.  But after I got him sitting next to his friend Bridger Staley, he was fine.  He did great the rest of the time! He sang the whole time, and did all the actions. It was so cute! He'd get the biggest smile every time the audience would clap after each song.

This is the whole preschool -- 4 classes worth. Gray is on the right side in the khaki pants and light blue shirt.

Doing the actions and singing along

Here's a video of his favorite song -- the "Boa Constrictor Song"

Getting his certificate. He turned, smiled, and waved at the audience! I was shocked! :)

Gray LOVES Miss Jill! She's been so great with him.  He gave her a huge hug, but would NOT stay to pose for a pic.  This is the only shot I got :p
Grayson has really loved preschool this year. It's helped him so much! He's very excited that he gets to go back to Miss Jill's class again in the fall!

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anne said...

Yay for Grayson ! It has been good for him - -and I 'm so proud he stayed up there and sang - so cute ! :)